Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Tell me about it, STUD!!

This little delivery arrived for me today from a seller on Ebay which means I will now be spending this evening customising!

I am really into this seasons stud trend and thought rather than go out and buy new items of clothes with studs on, why don't I put some new life into old items I have already? Give them a whole new look?? Firstly I have a black bandeau boob tube top which I'm going to add a bit of rock n roll to and then after that we shall see!

This pack of 50 studs cost me just a couple of quid and are so easy to apply it's silly. You literally pierce them through the clothing then secure at the back and voila! No glue, no sewing, no problem!!

Can't wait to get started.... I will share some pics of my customisations very soon.

Watch this space!

DELIVERY: My studs.

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