Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter face.

I don't know about any other ladies out there but since the weather has turned bitterly cold my make up has really suffered. In fact my face has. My morning moisturiser doesn't seem to aid the application of foundation anymore like it usually does resulting in my make up looking dry or clumped in some areas of my face. It's horrible!!
Even worse, as the day goes on my face begins to feel a bit itchy and almost as if it is slightly burning. Am I going mad or does anyone else experience this?!
Tonight I am going to really scrub my face and layer it thick in moisturiser in the hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning it will be smoother and putting on make up will be less of a pain.
If anyone knows of any great winter skin treatments I would be very grateful to hear them!!

GLUM: Winter is giving my make up faceache.

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