Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Blood, sweat and tears

Ok so not quite blood...or tears (although close!) but the health and fitness regime has well and truly started. We have got up for a run every morning since Saturday and been eating really well. Patrick being a man has already noticed the difference - 3 inches lost off of his tum since Saturday!! (bloody men and their metabolisms!)
This morning's 5.15am run was very tough; I am in full flow of a cold again and so struggled with my breathing, getting out of breath quite quickly. I ran a lot better than I thought I would though and power walked still whilst trying to catch my breath. My mile run burnt 113 calories so not too bad. Patrick ran 2 miles today though so I am really gutted that I have fallen ill again as I want to be upping the pace quickly rather than struggling but as Patrick pointed out; at least I got out of bed and ran rather than turning over. Having good tunes playing in your ears definitely helps pass the time...I was singing along in my head and ignoring what I was actually doing which helped tons!
I need to get rid of this cold so I will make sure I take something tonight and have an early one! I want to be able to breathe better when I get up to run in the morning and not find it as much of a struggle as I did today. It's Thursday too! Nearly the weekend! That is a good incentive to get up and run, knowing I have nearly been doing it for a whole week - the longest I have ever stuck to an exercise plan... shocking huh? I was the girl who tried every which way to get out of P.E. in school and eventually just stopped turning up. Oh how that has now come back to bite me in the ass. I really have been too unfit for too long.


  1. Wow, I'm crazy impressed that you got up at 5.15am to go for a run - don't think I could drag myself out of bed at that time for anything, never mind exercise! I'm sure you'll be feeling fit in no time if you carry on like this :) x

    1. I must admit... I am quite please and quite proud. Getting up is the hardest bit though... Once u are out u are ok!! Hoping I can keep it up :) xx


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