Monday, 14 January 2013

Cheers to the Freakin Weekend.

After the first full week back at work I must admit I was more than ready for the weekend! Christmas and New Year feels like an age ago so it seems strange to think last week was only the beginning of the working year. I have already found myself browsing online for some sunshine as I feel I need to have a nice little break booked up to look forward to - especially now the weather has turned arctic!

We started the weekend with a lovely quiet night in; I made us a yummy (but healthy) sausage and mash dinner which we washed down with a bottle of Rioja whilst watching Friday night TV.  We had a busy Saturday ahead of us so thought we would make the most of chilling out!

Saturday morning I got the housework done and then we spent the afternoon cooking yummy food for our guests as we had a party that evening to celebrate Patricks upcoming birthday. The next morning I did look at the mess and think to myself:  'Why do we bother to clean BEFORE a party?' It didn't take long to clean up though and we had a brilliant night so it was worth the tidy up on Sunday! The party turned into a cocktail night pretty much from the word go as our friend Kev decided to bring his alcohol collection along for the night! Before long the kitchen had turned into a brewery and the boys took it in turns to be Tom Cruise. The more the night went on the more leathal the cocktails got! I was quite pleased I was able to avoid their deadly potions and make my own drinks as my cocktails consisted of just a dash of alcohol, topped up with different fruit juices. Saved me waking up with a banging headache that's for sure!

Sunday was brilliant too because rather than being the football widow I usually am on this day, Patrick was relegated to watch football at our friends around the corner while me and my friend Nicola hogged the sofa and lazed around catching up and watching sitcoms all afternoon. It was bliss!

This week is quite busy too as Patrick's birthday is on Wednesday so his Mum is over this week visiting from Holland. We have got family over on his birthday for food and drinks and then on Friday my brother is down from Liverpool for the weekend which I am really looking forward to. I just hope the snow doesn't interfere with those plans!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and has an even better week!!

COCKTAIL NIGHT: Gary and his Mojito.
CHEERS: My cousin Gareth and his home made drink.
POSE: Me and my lovely friend Nicola
BIRTHDAY BOYS: Patrick and his 'brother from another mother' .
GULP: Patrick tries his favourite cocktail made lovingly by his chums.
EEEK: But it appears to be a tad strong!


  1. Fingers crossed the weather holds out for you this weekend! xx

    1. I really hope it doesn't snow! Will be grumpy if the weather ruins my plans!!! Thank you hun xx


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