Friday, 4 January 2013

Detox me!!!

I have felt so bloated over the last day or so. The post holiday gluttony backlash has well and truly kicked in so I am glad that when I ordered some groceries online on Wednesday it was nothing but healthy food! I ordered sweet potato (which I actually prefer) as a substitute for regular tatties along with lots of veg and salad, brown rice and wholewheat pasta as well as fruit and natural nuts.

Last night's dinner was a yummy chicken and veg stir fry with wholewheat noodles and a dash of soy sauce. It was lovely!! Nice to have a meal that was fresh and healthy rather than fattening and stodgy.

When I am eating a regular healthy diet I find for me, eating little and often is best as well as cutting out any unatural sugar and carbs. I don't believe in diets, they don't work, they make you miserable, they are not long term and you usually end up weighing more after than when you first started. Everything in moderation is what is best!

So, yesterday I had a banana and apple for breakfast, homemade roasted tomato soup midmorning, almonds as a snack, a homemade tuna salad wrap as a late lunch and then my chicken stir fry for dinner. All lovely yummy food and as you can tell, I haven't starved myself! Today I am having a spinach omelette for breakfast, cashews and a banana mid morning, a chicken salad wrap for lunch, an apple as an afternoon snack (probably with more nuts) then for dinner; fish with roasted veg and sweet potato mash.

You get the idea!

I am looking forward to feeling healthy again and hopefully losing those holiday pounds!!
Anyone else trying to lose weight or detox this January?

HEALTHY AND YUMMY: Our stir fry dinner.

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