Monday, 28 January 2013

DIY Ombre hair.

WILD OMBRE: Loreal's home dye kit £6 from Boots

BEFORE: Lighter because of my old colour but not darmatic enough for me

Lately I have felt quite bored with my hair and wanted to change it. I am happy with the length and because I haven't coloured it for a long time I am happy with the condition it is in so didn't want to do anything too dramatic.

The last time I had it coloured was August 2011 for my wedding and haven't touched it since so because it had long grown out it gave my hair a subtle ombre look which I really liked so I decided to take the plunge and make it a bit more noticable.

On Friday I went to Lakeside with my good friend Jo for dinner and a mooch around and when we ventured into Boots the first thing I spotted was the Loreal Wild Ombre home dye kit. I wanted it! But because I have said I am not buying anything now this month I was unsure whether I should. A quick check of the points status on my Boots card and we were on as luckily I had enough to buy the dye with. Yippee!

I did it Saturday afternoon while my hubby and our friend were busy wallpapering the living room and it was really easy to do. The instructions are clear and it is not really any different from using a regular dye kit that you would apply to all your hair. The only difference is you start half way down your hair and apply it with a brush.

After a 45 minute wait you wash it off and shampoo it with the shampoo provided in the pack.

I am extremely happy with the results, it has given my hair a whole new lease of life! I have been a big fan of the ombre look for a long time so am glad I have finally jumped on the bandwagon!

What do you think?

AFTER: My finished ombre look!


  1. I LOVE the obre look! I wish I could do it, but i'm so resillient to dye my roots dark haha x

    1. Thanks!! Yeah I guess it is harder if u are blonde but my friend is blonde and had it done, she went to a salon though. Xx

  2. It looks great! I could never do it myself, but I always think it looks great on others - this looks really professional as well, considering it is out of a box!

    Janey x

    1. Thank you! I was a bit worried it would look a bit mismatched or I would miss a bit of hair at the back but it turned out ok!! I bet it would look great on u.... Give it a go! :)

  3. Love your hair!! I'm going to try ombre tomorrow too! Excitedddddd


    1. Ooooh exciting!! It is really easy... Hope u like it (you will) good luck! :) xx

  4. I love it! I really love the ombre hair trend but I'm too scared to dye it myself ha! I got these instead - dip dye hair extensions They’re available at and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the dark to blonde one and they look fab! Kate x


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