Friday, 25 January 2013

Do I take the plunge?!

I have been thinking about our finances over the last few weeks and want us to get more sorted and be able to spend sensibly as well as save for the future. We have the means, we just don't do it - and that is beyond silly!

Whether it's going out, food, clothes or anything really, we tend to just buy without really paying attention. Not in a 'I can afford what I want' arrogant way, I guess just in a 'comfortable' way which is nice but not at all sensible. We are lucky we are in a position to save, we should also be budgeting as well as putting cash aside for things we may suddenly need or want.

Some readers may remember that last year we had a bit of a struggle when Patrick was signed off work for a couple of months over the summer and I wasn't working because I was recovering from illness. Because of no savings we were screwed! We had a bit of money put by luckily and in the end had to sell our car and buy a cheaper one to have money for bills. We were lucky we had that option really but it was not a great situation to be in. It was awake up call that unfortunately money makes the world go round so you need some stashed away just in case! You really do not know what is around the corner.

I am now thinking of completely cutting down on unnecessary exspenditure to make my wages go further and start saving. I have been inspired by the Beauty Bloggers 100 day spending ban which I have seen being spoken about on Twitter. For me, I am thinking of having a strict - no spending  - couple of months because:
a) Really it should be a lifestyle change and not just something I do for a couple of months so by plunging in at the deep end and not being able to spend ANYTHING it will almost retrain my brain to think about what I am buying before buying it.
b) I already have things booked / planned for February and March which would be classed as 'unnecessary money spending but have committed to them so if I am VERY strict for a couple of months and don't count those little extras then I am hoping it will count as one month of no bad spending and get me on track.
I have already booked to have the wallpapering done this weekend, a friends birthday meal and a hen do so can't I change those but I am going to be very boring and not committ myself to anymore! (My blog is going to be interesting to read! ha) I will still meet up with friends or go to theirs and they can come to mine but going out, buying new clothes or make up, takeaways, anything like that is not allowed. (At least I will have pretty walls to look at!)

There is a part of me thinking I should also have my eyelash extensions taken off for a couple of months too to save that money as it is an extra. I can't imagine myself without them and will hate my eyes with just my natural lashes but should I be brave and just do it? Only for a couple of months and then I can get a new set put on and start again. EEEK! That thought really does scare me, I don't feel they are a treat now, I feel they are an necessity.
I need to have a serious think.
It will be really worth it once I have built up my wages and proved to myself it is easy to make your wages last and not just spend like it's burning a hole in my pocket.
Tonight will be a big test! It is payday and I am going with a close friend to Lakeside shopping centre for a mooch about! Talk about jumping in at the deep end! I am going to be climbing the walls when I leave! My plan is to just look at my friend or the floor and not in any of the shops!
If anyone has any tips they will be much appreciated!


  1. That sounds like a really good idea, you'd really benefit from it :) But give your self allowences to have a bit of a small splerg :)

    1. Yeah I think the lashes will stay!! Hubby still has his season ticket and goes to the football every other weekend which costs much more! If I don't have a little treat I will go mad!! :)


  2. Also if you have a little saved you will be able to come here to see us and also go to Liverpool to see Mark and Sarah without worrying.......and obviously I will be one very happy mummy/mummy in law xxx

    1. So true! Thats what I want to have money tucked away for (as well as savings) so we can just come and visit either u or Mark without worrying. Xxx


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