Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Food O.D.

My lovely readers!! As you may have read in a previous post; I intend to write a lot more regularly on my food blog. I always have lots I want to write on it but never seem to find the time especially as I am always trying to make sure I keep this one up to date and now write a seperate blog on 'Essex Life's' website. It is all very time consuming!!
Anyway, I have put some new posts on there and vow to keep it up to date so if you love food like me, or want tips, dinner ideas, restaurant reviews... basically anything food related, please have a look!! and if you like what you read I would be thrilled if you followed.
Todays' posts are about a simple winter warmer dinner and how to cook the perfect steak.
You can see these new posts here
Thank you!!

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