Monday, 28 January 2013

Hangover Monster


Why do I do it to myself?  I have struggled through Monday today because I am suffering day two of a monster hangover caused by drinking too much wine on Saturday night! My hangovers seem to be so unbearable these days that for a while I actually believe I must be dying. There is no way I can be in that much pain and something not be wrong other than too much alcohol.

Yesterday I spent most of the day sleeping just so I didn't have to be awake to experience my washing machine stomach making me feel / be sick. RIDICULOUS!!

It was the same new years day, no - one else had a bad hangover but there I was, so so rough and unable to get out of bed. Why me? I didn't drink a hell of a lot Saturday night but I did drink wine (which is the devil) I was having such a good night with friends I happily guzzled away at the wine by my plate and the next thing I know I am waking up with a banging headache, sore ankle from slipping over and a stomach doing sumasalts. CLASSY.

I need to learn that I don't have to down drinks I am allowed to sip them and make them last. I also need to realise that for some reason I get the worst hangovers known to mankind that completely ruin my next day and that it is best to avoid drinking too much if I want to remain human.

This is why I am thinking I need to take a break from drinking, I am on a health kick after all and wanting to get fit, get in shape and lose some weight so it makes sense. I don't drink very often these days but when I do it would appear my body can't hack it! So this plan makes complete sense.

Despite hurting my ankle the hubby and I are going for a run as soon as he gets in as we want to up our game this week because of the snow ruining our running routine last week. We have some catching up to do!

I think a break from the hooch will definitely be a good idea..

HUNGOVER: I really can't wait to crawl back under my duvet again tonight.


  1. Aww sweetie! I hate hangovers, it's just cruel lol x

    1. I know! :( dont know why I do it to myelf xx

  2. Hangovers are the worst and they feel terrible now I'm getting older and don't drink as regularly. I am very jealous of the fact you look gorgeous even with a hangover though!

    1. Mine are definitely getting worse too... I used to be a bit rough but fine by midday. Now I am just so ill!!

      P.s. Make up and instagram played a good part in this pic!! :)


  3. haha Nic, you looked MUCH worse New Years Day. Hope you feel better today. xx

    1. New years day was so much worse but this wasnt far behind!! ROUGH!!! Am much better today thank you.... Alcohol break very much needed xx


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