Thursday, 17 January 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Yesterday was my wonderful husbands 28th birthday. As you would have previously read we had a do at the weekend to celebrate because of it being midweek so last night we just had family round for dinner and drinks and to watch the football. It was a lovely chilled evening (well aside from when Patrick and his brother were swearing at the TV because of football!)
I cooked everyone a big batch of chorizo carbonara a la Jamie Oliver and it went down very well! My mum made ciabatta and Patrick's mum brought lots of yummy dessert. I did have a couple of profiteroles but was very pleased with how restrained I was when eating both the pasta and dessert! I only had a little of each. Yippee!! The pasta was really moreish too - I will definitely make it again, it was so quick and easy which was great for a situation such as last night where ten people are coming over and you want to make something simple they can just help themselves to.
As we are running Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we had a lay in this morning but because of eating such a lovely (and naughty) dinner I did feel as though I should be getting up and working it off! Tomorrow we could wake up to a blanket of snow and not be able to run. We will see though, if we are having any I don't think it will be until mid morning to early afternoon so we will have no excuses.
Happy Birthday Patrick!! xxx

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