Sunday, 20 January 2013


When I go out I love to look glam; my hair done, high heels, chunky jewellery and a slick of colourful lipstick; Et voila! But when I am casual I like to be VERY casual. I love having such a stark difference between my 'day' look and 'going out' look as I think it gives you more of a WOW factor when you get glammed up for a night out.

 I have always described my casual look as 'scruffy chic'! I love to look a bit grungey or rock chick and especially love wearing funky casual clothes, scraping my hair up and then vamping it up with red lipstick and a slick of liquid eyeliner. It is such a contrast between smart and casual and it goes well together I feel. I  know that I am not unique to this look and there are a lot of other ladies out there who like to dress the same. I would definitely describe this look as 'me' though. I find it harder to pick out dressy items I like on the high street than casual ones and if I had to pick between the two I would probably say my 'scruffy chic' would be the winner.

My latest lust is for an oversized vintage or retro denim jacket in a light stonewash just like this Levi one. It will go great over a checked shirt, leggings and with converse trainers or even over a floral girly tea dress with ankle boots. I am on the look out on ebay for one as it will be perfect for spring and those cool summer nights.

I love my biker jacket that I have had a few years now (I love it just as much as when I got it) but feel I need another retro jacket to put a contrast on different outfits and to vary my look. This one will do nicely!

What do you think?

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