Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lazy Saturday.

As you will have read in a previous post, my weekend plans of having my brother down to visit were sabotaged by the snow! Not sure about where you are but the snow here isn't really that bad and has not been heavy but my brother lives in Liverpool where it has been heavy. Not only that, on the three and a half hour drive back to Essex he would have driven through parts of the country that also were experiencing adverse wether conditions.

Anyway, after feeling sulky I decided there was nothing I could do about the situation other than enjoy a nice relaxing weekend after the last one being quite busy and knowing next weekend will be too. My wonderful hubby cheered me up last night by cooking an amazing lamb rogan josh curry and buying our favourite bottle of rioja. The food was AMAZING! I have told him he must make it again very soon. I did take a picture of his masterpiece however last night my phone went crazy and got rid of all my music and photo's so I don't have it to share with you I am afraid!

On Saturday morning Patrick was pleased to learn that the West Ham game was still going ahead and left for the station, season ticket in hand about midday. Since then iIhave not had the TV on! I bought a load of magazines to pour over with a nice cup of tea then I decided to pamper myself. I washed my face with my lovely Clarins 'Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel' and then decided I was long overdue waxing my top lip so did that with Veet's 'Oriental wax' (this stuff is amazing and lasts FOREVER!!). Then finally, I gave my brows a long overdue pluck with my amazing new 'Tweezerman' tweezers and magnified mirror that mum got me as a christmas present. I usually get my lash lady to wax them every now and then but have found these tweezers to be brilliant especially with the help of a mirror that shows up all the stray blonde hairs you can't usually see!

I would have painted my nails as well and am dying to but because I am using nail strengthener twice weekly I can't. I did give them a quick file and buff though and am still thinking I might paint my toenails as a happy medium.

My hair is having a break from washing and styling and tomorrow night I am going to do a conditioning treatment overnight so after my monday morning run, when I jump in the shower it will be silky soft!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Saturday whatever you have been doing!

FACIAL WASH: Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel

WELL PLUCKED: My new Tweezerman tweezers and magnified mirror.

WAX ON, WAX OFF: My Veet Oriental Wax.
HOW I STARTED OFF: My afternoon of glossy mags inspired me to pamper!

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