Monday, 7 January 2013

My latest Topshop order.

I had a bit of money left on my Topshop giftcard so thought I would have a little splurge online yesterday.

Having browsed around Topshop in Lakeside very quickly on Friday night, lots had caught my eye but there was too much to choose from and I didn't have time to look properly! A leisurely shop online worked much better for me as I was able to read reviews or look at items again and again before deciding on what I wanted.

What I have ordered may seem a bit boring after just saying I took my time looking but right now I am obsessed with skater skirts and casual or statement tee's!!

I loved the colour of the slouchy red neppy tee and thought it would look great tucked into a skirt or just casual over jeans with converse. The cropped tee does in no way mean I will be bearing my tummy! (God no) but again, it will go with skater skirts or high waisted denim shorts when the sun begins to make more of an appearance. Finally - of course - a skater skirt! a grey marl speckle jersey one. Perfect for the daytime with either of these tops or with a vest top and chunky cardy or an oversized statement t-shirt.

Recently I realised I literally have NO dressy items of clothing so am going to make sure my next purchases (when I am in better shape) are a bit more glamorous!! When I was ill previously I never went 'out out' and so ended up selling my dresses and going out clothes on ebay. Now I have none!! :(

We are planning on having a bit of a save up over these next couple of months while the nights are long and weathers cold.... as well as doing the decorating so I will try my hardest to be good and not buy any new items of clothing...... It will be SO hard though!!

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