Monday, 7 January 2013

Nail challenge!

My nails are awful. They are weak, flaky, bendy and brittle and worst of all, just will not grow!! Even if they grow a bit they will break off before I've had a chance to paint them and make them look pretty. So annoying! I don't know whether it is because I used to bite them as a teenager or whether they are just weak in general and I am unlucky but whatever the reason I am determined to make them stronger!

For christmas a work colleague got me some nail strengthener and a new file that helps me shape, buff and shine my nails so I have been applying the strengthener as advised and filing as and when needed. So far they are VERY short as I cut them all down to start afresh but they feel smooth and shiny so I am hopeful of seeing some improvement.

When I asked the #bbloggers of Twitter to recommend any nail strengthening products the one that kept being mentioned was OPI Nail Envy which apparantly expensive but well worth the price tag. For now I will stick with what I have and see how I get on but if I still feel they are weak and flaky I will be investing in some Nail Envy next.

I want gorgeous nails by the summer!

WEAK: My flaky, bendy nails.



  1. I think I'll join you on this challenge. I bite my nails when I get stressed and have done for many years so mine are awfully brittle and bendy. I've nail varnish on at the moment to stop me from biting them and that's virtually the only way I can achieve it.

    What nail strengthener do you have?
    Good luck! xx

  2. I will check and find out hon. It wasnt a make I had heard of but none the less I am sure it will help! Never had nice nails so need to just make sure I stay on top of filing them etc. You put this strengthener on twice a week so it must be strong!!

    I use nail varnish too as it helps them stay stronger but they still seem to be breaking lately! And the nail varnish doesnt last :( could be because my nails flake!


  3. I have also heard brilliant things about nail envy, i may get some myself and get my nails in good nick for the wedding! X

  4. Nic,
    I know I'm seeing you soon but thought I'd tell you this here in case I forget when I see you. Eating a cube of jelly a day is supposed to work wonders for nails. My mum swears by it and it has to be said she has amazingly strong nails and she used to bite her nails terribly. xx

  5. I remember having this problem at some point. Just be careful and take good care of your nails. I would also suggest making a cheap nail hardener by grating garlic into a transparent nail polish of any kind and applying this to your nails. Here is my post on getting harder nails, hope it helps -


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