Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Out with the old.....

It is 2013!

We survived the end of the Mayan calender and another mad festive holiday. It's time to take down the tree and the decs for another year, look at the bare walls with a sigh and your waistline with a frown. Time to get back to reality and throw yourself into a new resolution whether it's to lose weight, stop smoking, change job or whatever it is you feel will do you good or make you happier.

I don't really have any firm resolutions this year, well not serious ones like changing job or anything. The main thing for me is getting on with the decorating that needs doing in the house ASAP! (That one is top of my list) And of course doing the usual January detox because of eating such bad food over Christmas.

After spending New Year in Holland visiting my mother in law who lives there I have also decided I would like to learn some basic dutch. They all pretty much speak english over there so communication isn't a problem however I feel it would be good manners to learn basic phrases and sentences to be able to show willing whenever we visit. I learnt a few words over this visit, I now know how to say 'thank you', 'you're welcome', 'please', 'happy new year' and ask for the bill. I also learnt the most important thing you need to know when abroad and that is how to order beer or wine! Most important when you're on holiday! I would like to learn a lot more though and be confident when using it. The problem with learning it at home is not using it frequently as that is what makes it easy to forget so my plan is to sit down once a week and learn the basics as well as refresh myself on what I have learnt.

Apart from that there isn't much more I want to do differently in 2013. I exercise more now than I did a year ago but could definitely move a lot more so guess that would be a good one to add to the list too! However this time last year I had just left my job because of illness so I am very greatful to be starting this year happier and healthier than I did last year. Not only that, January last year is also when I first started this blog and having had this to write on and work at has been a god send. It gave me a purpose while I was off work as well as a way to fuel my passion for writing. It has also been really exciting to watch it go from strength to strength, gain followers and receive feedback. It makes all the hard work worthwhile... Promoting your blog is tough after all and sometimes a long winded process!!

I am extremely thankful to be happy, healthy and  working in this tough world we currently live in so I guess my last new year's resolution would be to make sure I remember how lucky I am, even if times get tough.

I hope everyone had a lovely evening welcoming in the new year and wish you all the best for 2013!!


Some quick pics of our break in Holland:

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