Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Product Review: Bodyshop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream

A couple of weeks ago I received a very exciting tweet from The Body Shop who asked if they could send me some hand cream to try. I was over the moon as not only do I love a good hand cream but because this is the first time I have had something sent to me to try out. I didn't think I was anywhere near that stage of receiving goodies from established retailers to try out. Thanks Body Shop!

I always normally have a hand cream on my desk at work because I find that is the only way I remember to keep remembering to use it. Hand cream is as important as moisturising the face so whatever it takes to make me remember to use it, I will do!

Lately I hadn't invested in a new cream and because I didn't have my old one sitting on my desk all squeezed out reminding me to go and invest in another I kept forgetting.

I have been using this cream religiously since it arrived last week and must say - I love it! It is light and only a little is needed (so a little goes a long way). It isn't heavy and oily like other creams I have used so I don't feel I have to wipe my hands after use. It is more 'watery' I would say but in a good way. It doesn't run quickly out of the tube! I had to answer the phone at work today seconds after applying it and had no problems taking the call or writing down the information because of how non greasy it is.

The smell is very fresh! It reminds me of of a mans aftershave... even though I am usually a fan of fruity, sweet smelling lotions and potions I do really like it! And because you only use a little the smell isn't overpowering. The tube says that the cream conceals odour which I would certainly say it does and the scent lasts too.

My hands feel smoother and softer for using it and I know that it will last me a while so I feel the tube is a generous size at 100ml. I got a few of the ladies at work to try it out too and they were pleased with it. They liked the feel of it, one described it as 'lightweight'.

All in all, I love this cream and it gets a big thumbs up from me!

Thank you again to The Body Shop for sending me this lovely product.

The Body Shop on Twitter: @TheBodyShopUK


  1. It sounds great - I have so many different hand creams laying around the place that I have tried but not been completely satisfied with. I'm using a Garnier one at the moment which is OK, but it is a bit greasy and so it's not ideal.

    This sounds as though it might do the trick though, so I'll check it out next time I'm in The Body Shop!


    1. It was the 'non greasiness' that sold it to me really. There are so many lovely hand creams out there but they can be too heavy and too greasy. This one is lovely and light weight! I definitely recommend.


  2. I obsessively moisturise my hands as I think they're a key part of your body for giving away your age and so many people forget about them, instead focussing on looking after their face instead.

    This hand cream sounds really interesting and I think I'll be checking it out next time I pop into town!


    1. I totally agree. No one thinks of their hands but the skin is so delicate! If you sunbathe especially tjen your hands are going to show the results of that in time. I did really like it and as I said I love that it doesn't feel greasy.

      Let me know if u get it and like it too!!



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