Saturday, 19 January 2013

Quick fitness update.

Firstly, please excuse the dodgy picture!! My husband was not home to take one for me and as this is kind of a 'check in' post and not an actual update with details, measurements etc. I thought it didn't really matter!

I am going to weigh and measure myself in a couple of weeks when I have been running for a month as I feel I will be able to see the difference by then (I hope). Patrick and I have both downloaded Runkeeper on the recommendation of a friend who runs and it is great for keeping track of your timings and calories burnt. It is so annoying running with a man though! He will run the same distance as me (albeit maybe a bit quicker but not much) and burn DOUBLE the amount of calories I do!

We have been running first thing in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (as of last week) and I am now up to running two miles (badly though and I am so out of breath when I finish I actually forget HOW to breathe but yes, two miles). I am very proud because I couldn't run a whole mile when we started two weeks ago. I had to stop twice and so now being able to do double that and only really stop once but still power walk while I recover is pretty good going! Especially as I have had a couple of health problems stopping me running! On the first week we wanted to run a mile every morning to throw ourselves into it but I had to leave it Thursday and Friday because of having an awful chest cold. On Wednesday I had struggled with my breathing so much I found myself feeling as though I was 'drowning' as I ran. Last week I ran Monday and Wednesday but had to leave Friday because I had seriously hurt my back! Really I shouldn't have ran Wednesday because that just made it worse and I spent the whole day wincing at every move I made. I know you are meant to ache with exercise but this was unbearable. Not sure whether I am running wrong or if it is my posture or just my body being so out of shape!

Anyway, I have done a work out indoors today following one of the fitness channels to make up for not running yesterday and I will be back to it on Monday (weather permitting). I am really enjoying running now even at that point where I feel I can't go any further, I get so proud when I push myself that bit more! I do feel I have lost a bit of weight around my middle even though I haven't ran as much as I should have by now. I have been eating well and treats have been in moderation so I am hoping it does all still pay off and that I will be able to make up for the lost runs over the next couple of weeks!


  1. Wow! You've done amazing! Motivating me to get off my butt and get moving xx

  2. Thank you!! I dont feel I have made too much of a change at the moment but need to keep going. Do it! U will be proud when u do and once u have done a week u will want to do a 2nd week and so on and so fourth. Good luck!! Xx


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