Friday, 18 January 2013

Ruined Weekend

When you were a kid, the prospect of snow was so exciting. It conjured up thoughts of school being closed, buying a sledge and finding the highest hill to ride down, thoughts of making a snowman and having a snow ball fight, only for you to end up up with painfully cold ears and finger tips which could only be cured by a nice hot bath and cup of cocoa. Snow was magical. Snow was exciting. It's white coat making the world seem brighter and some how much more beautiful.

As an adult, things are very different. The prospect of snow conjures up thought's of long, stressful journeys into work, crazy drivers, delays, slipping and sliding then eventually falling on your arse. Wet, frizzy, cold hair and smudged damp make up. Being cold at your desk and never warming up. It is hell.

I still love snow like I did as a child. I love how it gracefully falls from the sky and carpets the ground making everything look pretty. It's just that my love of snow is very minimal nowadays as a boring grown up than it was as a wide eyed innocent child where nothing else mattered apart from what time the cartoons were on in the afternoon and what treats were in the cupboard. Snow in adult life is too much of an inconvenience.

This weekend I had plans I had been looking forward to since they were arranged a few weeks ago. My brother would be coming down to visit us from Liverpool for a long weekend. Coming to see our new house for the first time, catch up and hang out. Also on the Saturday my Dad was due to come over and wallpaper our bedroom for us too. I had been eagerly looking forward to having a pretty feature wall to wake up to every morning - last Friday night in fact I remember geekily saying to my husband that this time next week would be 'wallpaper eve' (yes, loser!) but, alas, the snow has come along and ruined everything. With blizzards all over the country and especially bad up north there was no way my brother could make an unessecary three and a half hour drive. And because the roads are icy and slushy, although my Dad is much more local, it isn't worth him coming out and risking a horrible drive.


I now have absolutely NO plans for this weekend - at all. If the football is called off on Saturday then my husband will have no plans too and there will be two of us sitting on the sofa grumpy and moaning. If he can still go then it will just be me feeling sorry for myself....... on my own!


I will need to find myself something to do otherwise I will go stir crazy..... let's just hope the snow doesn't do the same next weekend and ruin THOSE plans for wallpapering too!


  1. Know the feeling. My weekend plans got cancelled, but I just managed to jump on a train home to escape being bored and alone. If I'm lucky I'll get snowed in here and not have to go back! Hope it turns out better than expected! xx

    1. Sorry to hear your plans were changed too! :( glad u managed to get on a train though so u are not on ur own! Just got to make the most of having a chilled weekend now I guess! Could be worse.... Have fun :) xx


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