Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snowy Sunday.

On Sunday we woke up to find it was snowing lightly (although still snowing quickly). It hasn't stopped all day! My dad had said he would still come over today to wallpaper our bedroom wall as planned but because the snow has continued to pour from the white sky we decided to leave it. Our friend is due over next week to do some wallpapering so he can fit it in then hopefully!

As much as I was grumpy about the snow because it meant I had nothing to do all weekend I couldn't help but take a few snaps as it does look really pretty!! Our village is really cosy and looks so picturesque covered in the white stuff.

Hubby woke up with a sore head this a.m. from going to watch the West Ham game yesterday but not so much so that he didn't want to move so we decided to venture out and get a few bits we needed for indoors. He did need to stop and get a naughty McDonalds though to cure his beer hunger!

On our way back we decided to stop off and get a sample of the wallpaper we are looking at getting for the living room just to see what it looked like in the flesh as I had only been looking online. It is gorgeous! We brought a sample home which has made me even more excited for getting it put up next Saturday! I really can't wait. I am gutted that the wallpaper didn't go up in our bedroom this weekend but I know it can't have been helped and our good friend Craig will be able to fit it in for us when he is over.  This time next week we will have a gorgeously wallpapered living room and bedroom to enjoy! It is going to look so nice.

Roll on next weekend!

READY: Wrapped up and raring to go out in the snow.
YIPPEE: Sample of the wallpaper we have chosen for the living room.


  1. That wallpaper is GORGEOUS! No wonder you're so excited about it! xx

    1. Thanks hun!!! I love it!! So cant wait... It will make the room look so different. Looking forward to catching up with our good friend who is doing it for us too :) bonus all round! Xx


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