Friday, 4 January 2013

Thank you!!

I am very pleased to be starting 2013 with my humble 20 followers.... Considering a couple of months ago I only had 2!! Thank you to all my new readers and of course to the regular readers who have followed since much earlier on. It makes it even more worthwhile to know your words are actually being read!!
Here is to the next 20!!
My new year 'blog' resolution is to write like nobody is watching... Put my full self and full personality into my words. I do that a lot more now than I did when I first started anyway but now I feel so much more confident and want that to show through. (On, and write on my food blog a lot more often!!
I hope you have enjoyed what you have read on here so far and that you enjoy the next twelve months.


  1. I vow to join you in your blog resolution, to write like nobody is watching.

    I followed you not long ago after we started chatting on Twitter :) You certainly deserve more. xx


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