Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The spending ban kicks in!

I am well and truly up for this now.
I am determined to build up my wages in my bank account as well as start saving so that by the time the weather is warmer I will be better off and much more sensible with my money.
I have a weekly spending plan worked out for shopping (of the food variety) and petrol (and of course the bunnies!) so I know the maximum I am allowed to spend a week in order to keep my money topped up and keep track of what I am spending.
From now the hubby and I are not spending money on going out, takeaways, any unecessary food shop buys such as alcohol (good for our waistlines too) and neither of us are allowed to treat ourselves to anything considered a luxury such as clothes etc. etc. (sob!)
I am also going to have a good look through my wardrobe this week / weekend and sort out any clothes I know I won't wear anymore to sell on Ebay too.
Give it a couple of months we will be so used to being stingey with our money that saving and keeping money back from week to week or month to month will be a doddle. Plus in a couple of months we will have sorted ourselves out and be able to seriously look at how much to put by into savings.
I really love going out and seeing friends, I also love buying clothes so this is going to be tough! But I can still visit friends for a cuppa and a catch up. I can also still have friends over too. I just can't go out with them to dinner, meet them in a bar or generally squander my money.
(I am also going to have a break from alcohol now too so it all helps) 
I feel this year is all about getting ourselves together and making sure we know where our money is going and why as well as starting to save for our future, whatever that may hold!
Money is always a bit of a taboo subject and I personally feel that it is private in most respects with regards to how much you earn and pay out etc. however I feel that if I share my plans on here then I really have to do it! People will have read about it and want to know how I am doing. If people know I am being strict rather than it just being in my head I am more likely to take it seriously because it won't just be me who know's if I have failed.
It is going to be tough to be boring and a bit unsociable and I will have to make sure  I avoid looking at clothes online! but it will be worth it and I know we can do it. We both want to lose a bit of weight too so will make sure running becomes our main priority (which is free) and when we have gone a couple of months without spending, we will be super duper slim and able to treat ourselves to some new togs! (or at least that is the plan).
Watch this space! 

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