Friday, 4 January 2013

We are SALE - ING!!!!

I was very lucky to receive gift vouchers for christmas which meant my sale spending fund was added to somewhat. The hubby and I still have vouchers to splurge with so I think a trip to lakeside is enivitable at some point this weekend!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I did go and harass the rails at river island on boxing day in order to bag myself some bargain buys... I also did the same in Topshop the next day! I love chunky knits as not only are they cosy but they never really go out of fashion so I was pleased that I was able to buy some winter woolies on the cheap.

With my vouchers I think I am going to have a browse and maybe look at investing in some key items for spring. (That may be the intention although whether or not I am able to resist should I find some bits I fall in love with at the weekend is another thing!) We will have to see how strong I can be! I do really need some more chunky, statement jewellery so I may look at getting some new bits. I seem to go through stages where I buys lots then ages where I buy none at all and I definitely haven't bought any in a long time. My collection is looking a bit sorry for itself!

I will of course update you on any new items I may buy! I will also show you what I have found in the sales so far.

Hope everyone reading has been able to find themselves some little gems out there! They do soon go!!

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