Sunday, 10 February 2013

Farm Shopping at Barleylands Craft Village

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know I am quite passionate about people cooking their own meals from scratch and not relying on buying ready meals. You will also know I am becoming more and more passionate about buying food from local businesses in order to help save the high street and support local businesses.

Because we moved a few months ago we could no longer go to the same green grocer that we used to so I was stopping at any that I found on my way home from work in order to stock up on fruit and veg. Just down the road from us is Barleylands which is a craft village that has all kinds of little shops and businesses such as a home made card shop and a glass blowers (plus much much more). There is also an AMAZING Italian deli as well as a cute tearoom and twice a month there is a farmers market which we were finally able to go and have a mooch around yesterday. It was brilliant!

They have plenty of food cooking if you fancy having a bacon roll and the choice of meats, cheeses, greens and breads was just too much! I really wish I had gone there with much more money as I was spoilt for choice. We bought some cheese and olives form the deli whilst drooling over the salami then bought a gorgeous shoulder of local lamb which was £7 and will make two dinners - todays roast and tuesday nights lamb rogan josh curry. Yum! We also bought some fresh bread as we always treat ourselves to bread at the weekend as well as a ton of fresh veg for the week.

We have promised ourselves that at the end of the month we will pop back to the Italian Deli and treat ourselves to lots of yummy food for an 'Italian Night' dinner. I can't wait!

When the weather is warmer too we will be able to go to the Barleylands Farm for a wonder about and browse the shops at a much more relaxed pace than we did yesterday (it was cold!). There are so many there! Craft

Also at Barleylands is the most delicious restaurant - The Magic Mushroom. I have been there a handful of times and it is exquisite....We will definitely be booking a table there sometime soon (especially as when I got home I went online and looked the menu for a bit of food perving!)

If you live local to Barleylands and haven't been you really should! There is great stuff to do with the family if you have young children too.

Their website is:

The Magic Mushrooms website is: (Have a look and tease your tastebuds!!)


Fresh bread for bacon sarnies!

Delicious Olives.

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