Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ghost Train?

On the tube home last night my friend and I were goofing around and decided to take a couple of pictures (much to the delight of the other couple of passengers I am sure but we had had fun and cider so were in a playful mood!) I Instagrammed one pic of us posing at the window of the tube so the snap is actually of our reflection and a couple of minutes after loading it up, my friend commented on it pointing out a ghostly face next to my friend Jo's hip!
When we looked back at it sure enough we could see an eerie figure which almost looked as though it was someone sitting down next to us. What's more, I took three shots of us in the window reflection (even one with a flash) within moments of eachother before uploading this final snap to Instagram and the face can be seen in exactly the same shape and form in all three of the pictures when there was nothing there. (We had stopped in the tunnel which is why you can see the electricity boxes in the reflection but that was all we could see when taking the photos)
I must admit, I find this all quite fascinating! Now I truly am wondering if we have indeed caught some kind of presence on my humble little phone?? You do hear of this kind of thing happening however in the past any unusual or unexplainable images were normally blamed on an error when photos were developed. This shot is digital and so not a printing error but could there be another reason for the strange image?
One of the women I work with doesn't really believe in ghosts or anything like that and said even she is shocked by this supposed ghostly face.
What do you think of the snap? Can you see the face? Do you believe in that kind of thing? Do you think you know a reasonable explanation behind the image?
I would love to hear!

SPOOKY: Our snapshot on the tube last night shows up a mysterious figure (circled)

A closer shot of the 'face'.


  1. These photos are so much fun - I have taken photos on the tube too, much to the consternation of the more serious travellers!

    As for the face, apparently our brains have a particular part that recognises faces, and that they are sort of programmed to 'make' faces in the things around us. That's why people so often think they have found the face of Jesus in a potato, etc.

    So your face here is probably just a combination of a number of different things: reflection, something on the wall outside the train and the pattern on the glass, and your amazing human brain has made it into a face!

    I'm always a bit more inclined to think that there is a scientific explanation for this kind of thing rather than a 'spooky' one, but it's fun to think about it!

    1. ooooh that's very interesting and makes lots of sense! After all our brains are trained to recognise people we have met before.

      I agree with it could be part of the wall outside that has just caught the light but it is spooky though! I can't really work it out...

      I like that though.... it has been interesting seeing different peoples reactions, I quite like not knowing what it really is!



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