Sunday, 10 February 2013

Home made dinner or processed Spaghetti BologNEIGHS??

Lately the headlines have been rife with horror stories about ready meals what with the beef burgers made of horse meat, then the ready meals made of horsemeat followed by a human tooth found in a Tesco supermarket sausage and not to mention the chicken brain or kidney or whatever found in a meal at KFC. These recent stories are enough to make your stomach turn but sadly, the truth is it isn't actually a revelation nor is it rare. With the amount of crap that goes into ready meals and processed foods I think the question should be more what else HAVEN'T they found in these foods.

We have come to the point where supermarkets are fast becoming the only place we are able to shop because they are the only food establishments left on the high street. Because of this people are becoming lazy cooks, fatter, unhealthier and most importnalty, putting food into their body of which they have no clue to it's origin nor it's ingredients. There would be all kinds of chemicals, toxins and preservatives in even a meal listed as a 'healthy' option that it wouldn't suprise me at all if people who are dependant on these meals end up developing life threatening illnesses later in their lives.

Something has to change now.

YOU can make a change.

Go to your local butcher and buy your meat. Go to your local Greengrocer for your fruit and veg. Find your nearest farm shop and buy from there. It is beneficial for your health and for the future of the high street. Local businesses are crumbling and fast disappearing because of big supermarket chains and Tesco tycoon Terry Leahy thinks that should be classed as success! He thinks that high streets are medieval and wants a future where every street looks the same - linear and grey and lining their pockets! His attitude is greedy and shocking.

The butcher might be a bit more expensive but all the animals you will buy to cook and eat will be ethically farmed and they will also be exactly what you ask for.... no horse meat surprise, no chemicals. You will also find that the green grocer is far much cheaper than the supermarkets therfore what extra you pay at the butcher you make up for saving at the green grocer. It tastes so much better too.

OK yes, I enjoy cooking and know many people don't but it doesn't have to be a hardship and if you hate it that much, you will have to just think of it as one of those chores you do to keep your house running like washing and cleaning and merge it into your everyday life and routine.

Not having the time is not an excuse either - I have worked in extremely busy, stressful jobs where I have worked long days and come home feeling as though I just wanted to lay in a dark room but would STILL always cook us a home made dinner from scratch. You can make something easy like meat and veg if you don't fancy being creative. Today I don't have such a stressful job but I do all the housework because my husband works long hours and I write and blog most evenings so am still as busy as ever just in a different way but I will never resort to processed meals or food.

You shouldn't either.

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