Friday, 8 February 2013

I'm's everyone else.

This week has been one of those weeks...

You know the type I mean; where nothing works out how you thought or the basic day to day tasks that you do without even thinking about are suddenly made impossible by either circumstance or the people around you. Every human being you come into contact with seems so frustratingly annoying that you want to headbutt them for interrupting your day.

These people include:

The rude lady in the post office just down from where I work who I cheerily say helllo to and get no response just an outstretched palm for me to put my money in (Yes, she doesn't even tell me the total of my purchases I just get THE PALM) or who tuts at me for daring to walk to the counter to get served when she was busy doing nothing.

People who cut you up on the roundabout because they are a careless driver who can't steer their cars properly enough to keep in the right lane then proceed to beep you as if it is your fault and shout abuse at you. (Yes, angry little man in the silver focus I am talking about YOU).

 People who, when your car door is caught in the wind and smashes their work vans tail light while you are in a rush because you are doing a million different erunds for your boss, proceed to sit in their van (without you knowing) while you wonder what to do, inspect the damage, go and do the tasks you were meant to do and then tut at you when you come back to your car as if you were just going to drive off and leave the smashed tail light while they were sitting in the van the whole time and didn't get out!

People who generally have no manners in the street so push passed you or bump into you and don't apologise or even notice that you even exist  for them to apologise.... this goes for people on the road too actually, those people you let by or let out when they are waiting who don't say thank you. Yes, you ignorant buggers, You are annoying!

Cold Callers.... I am not going to anymore, that is enough on the matter.

My GOD I know how moany I sound but I really can't help it, every irritating, annoying and rude person has crossed my path this week making my normal routine become unbearable. I have never been so glad to sit on my sofa on a Friday night.....

Needless to say, I am of course having a glass of wine to erase the memory of this week....followed by a nice dinner and a lay in tomorrow morning... that orta do it!

Happy Friday One and All......


  1. Oh dear, sounds like it hasn't been the best of weeks! I know exactly what you mean though - people can be so rude and it's so frustrating that somebody you don't even know can put you in a bad mood for the rest of the day! Hope you enjoy your wine & a long lie though and I'm sure next week will be better :) xx

    1. Thank you!! Monday is here once more... Lets hope it is a bit less stressful this week :) snow this morning is making me think it could start off a bit hectic!!! Have a fab week xx

  2. Oh bless! I know those weeks. Well here's to the weekend, and to a better week next week! x

    1. Thank you and hope u had a lovely weekend!!! :) xx


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