Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's not easy being green!

I had planned to do quite a lot with my week this week but unfortunately I have been struck down with a delightful sickness bug over the last couple of days and all of these plans have now gone out the window! I know so many peope who have been ill with this so it was inevitable that I would get it I guess but that doesn't make me feel any better about being ill!

I was meant to be going to a make up party tonight but can't go as I want to be well rested and fully functioning when I go back into work tomorrow (I guess my bank balance will be relieved about that!) I had also been hoping for a nice girly night in tomorrow night with my sister in law while my husband is out but because I probably won't be quite back to my marvellous self I will have a quiet night in with a yummy dinner and crappy TV! Other plans I have had to cancel included my regular eyelash appointment which is never good because she gets booked up so quickly AND I was supposed to go and see a good friend and her gorgeous baby for a cuppa and a catch up! There is always next week I guess.....

This weekend I am going to go and treat myself to another lovely new lipstick because lipstick ALWAYS makes me feel better and top up on goodies from the local farmers market up the road. I am thinking I am going to make something yummy for dinner too....right now I am fancying home made lamb burgers and tzatziki. NOM! That could change though of course.....I spend most of my time dreaming about food and what I can cook so I will probably have a list of recipes to choose from by Saturday afternoon.

Nothing too rock n roll planned but as I have been ill and want to save up I guess I had better get used to it!

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