Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mid Week Meh!

It is the first Wednesday in February; everyone has been paid and all is right with the world once again after the skint aftermath of Christmas.

It is that time of the week where you can feel the weekend just around the corner and so celebrate the midway mark by popping up the local pub or into town for a few cheeky jars.

We have also reached that make or break point with our New Year resolutions too, most of us having long given up and slipped back into the 'normal' way of life whether it is by taking up smoking again or giving up on the diet.

I haven't been as enthusiastic with running this week I must admit. Whether it is because of the weather I don't know but I am feeling a huge lack of energy! It also feels as though the week is dragging too and tomorrow definitely should be Saturday. I have come to realise that having previously been really ill, my body does sometimes give up when I am too busy and tells me to rest. I just have to realise when I need to slow down and I think this week is one of those weeks. Feeling lathargic and flu like is a common symptom of CFS and while I am miles better than I was a year ago I do think sometimes I expect too much of myself. That being said, I have kept up with healthy eating and have walked a lot this week rather than running - I know I will be back to it again by next week! The thing that will keep me inspired is knowing I have lost five pounds since New Year! The Christmas weight has gone plus one is definitely a good incentive to keep me spurred on even if I don't do much this week.

How has everyone else done with their resolutions?

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