Monday, 25 February 2013

My handbag, my friend.

Ladies, I bet I had you drawn in just by the title of this post. As soon as you processed what I was talking about you thought 'Yes! that is SO true.' because like me, you can't go anywhere without your handbag. It is your companion no matter where you are going whether it is lunch with the other half or retail therapy with friends. Whatever the weather and whatever the need, your trusty handbag comes along with you.

It is much more than just an accessory oh yes indeedy! it is a home for your phone, your keys, your diary, your make up bag and whatever else you weigh yourself down with. It is the stylish carry on that finishes off any outfit and in some cases totally makes our outfit. It is a social shield when we are feeling a bit vulnerable and want something to do with our hands or make us look busy. It is like a whole extra arm. If we go out in public without it, we feel naked, we feel wrong, we feel as though we just can't relax. If I have ever gone out without my bag I always have that mini heart attack moment when, for a split second, I panic and think I have lost it then remember straight after that I haven't got it with me. It will always be when I haven't got my bag that I suddenly seem to aquire lots of stuff to carry like a bottle of water because I couldn't wait until getting home to quench my sudden thirst or you will always be somewhere where you suddenly gain lots of leaflets or you will have popped to a friends or family members house who insist you borrow a book to read which they have just finished and loved or they give you back that cardy you left around there a million years ago and had forgotten all about. Suddenly you are handbag-less, juggling bottles of water, books, leaflets and an old, stiff, musty smelling cardy.

My handbag comes everywhere with me and when I walk I hold on to it with pride and I strut. My bag is part of my walk, it completes me. I can't do it any other way so without a handbag I am suddenly looking for a place to put my whole extra arm that I have free. Should it go in my pocket? No, I look stupid and am crushing my fingers every time I move my leg to walk. Should I let both arms hang loose either side of me? No this feels just wierd, they feel like dead weights either side of me and it feels as though they are very obvious like they are swelling up the more I think about what to do with them. Stop swinging them, you look crazy!

Nope, my handbag is always needed.

These beauties come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are things or art and beauty which should be bowed down to and respected for the wonder that they are.

As much as my hubby moans about my bag sometimes too like when I sit on the sofa and then put it in the spot next to me (it deserves it's own seat) or when it's raining so we have dashed to the car and then have to proceed in getting soaked because I am fruitlessly rummaging around in my giant bag of endless crap trying to find the keys. As much as that completely annoys him I know he secretly loves the bag too. It is a place for him to offload his stuff like wallet and phone when he can't be bothered to carry them anymore and he has also bought me several handbags for either christmas or birthdays (and is very good at picking them out) which to me proves he is actually an ardent fan.

I rest my case.
There isn't much else to say on the matter really. This post is nothing more than a simple acknowledgement, a nod of respect if you will to that wonderous, glamorous and dependable little thing:


*Picture courtesy of Pinterest


  1. SO true! The handle on my handbag has snapped so at the moment I'm lugging it around by tucking it under my arm. The moment I admit it's broken, I have to throw it away, and I love it too much! xx

    1. Now THAT is friendship....

      You can always have more than one friend though.....? :)



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