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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mystic Monday

On Monday evening my good friend Nicola and I decided to go to a Clairevoyant night which takes place every Monday at the village hall in the town I grew up in. I had heard of these nights taking place there before but as I have moved slightly out of the area I had forgotten about them. It was only when a girl I work with mentioned last week she had been and went through what the lady had said to her that I thought it might be worth us going along.
I have been to a tarot card reader once before at a time in my life where I wasn't sure what I was doing or wanted to do and I guess was looking for a bit of guidance or reassurance that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. That was five years ago now so I can't remember everything she said (although I am tempted to dig out the tape and try and find someone with a cassette player so I can listen to it again!) but I do remember her telling me about someone I knew who liked me but hadn't made himself known yet and that within the next four years I would marry. Which I did. At the time I was single so didn't believe her but it was true and the man she described who liked me was definitely my husband, I didn't click until I thought about the tape again but the description of this man was my husband to a T.
I realise this kind of subject opens up a big debate and so many people have so many different opinions as to whether or not it is real, whether or not there is something after we die and of course I totally understand that. Everyone has their own opinion and that opinion has to be respected. I will advise now thought that if perhaps you don't believe in anything after death you may want to stop reading!

 I first went to that tarot card reader out of interest as well as some kind of guidance because despite the fact I am a big believer that something must happen after we die, I am also cynical and realise there are a lot of fakes out there. I don't believe that the soul just dies along with the body, I believe it takes another form but what I always find most interesting about this subject is the fact that we really don't know. There are so many different studies, ideas, opinions and goodness knows what else and that is what makes it all so fascinating.
I went last night with the same attitude as I did the tarot card reader; it could be eye opening and fascinating or it could be boring and obviously fake. Luckily it was an amazing evening though!
We were only going to have a private reading each and then go but how it worked out was that we couldn't book our readings until after the group one which was between 8pm and 9pm. We decided to stay for that in order to be seen after. It was so good! All the people who work hard to make the night a success are volunteers and very friendly. One lady came over to find out who we were and what made us decide to come along and we learnt that this weekly event was all done to raise money for charity and was started up and done in memory of her late husband.

The group readings started and I was drawn in by how much information the spitualists could pick up for certain people. The kind of people who tend to go to these events have things going on in their lives that perhaps are causing them worry or upset which was very much the case on Monday. One woman had recently lost her husband and was still very disdraught and tearful. The reader seemed to give her so much joy and it was so spooky to hear the intricate details that were being passed on through the reader. Her late husband knew about a photograph of him she had kept looking at, he also knew about her laughing at finding endless amounts of his socks - and that she had been wearing them. It was so touching to see this lady get comfort and for her tears to turn to laughter. She only looked to be in her fourties too so was so young to be widowed. It makes you realise you need to cherish every moment you can.

I won't go into what was said at my private reading because...well, it's private! But it was pretty much spot on! It was nan who apparantly came 'forward' and the information this clairvoyant said she was passing on was very accurate. I almost felt as though I had had a quick chat with her which was lovely as she pased away when I was just 9.

The thing with this whole subject is that it requires an open mind and makes way for a lot of debate and I really enjoy that. I love hearing different people's different views and their reasons for them, whether they agree with me or not!

What do you think about it all?

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