Thursday, 14 February 2013

Pancake Day

AMAZEBALLS: Hubby's home made lamb rogan josh curry was absolutely delicious.

Ok, so actually it's 'official' name is Shrove Tuesday but, just like Christmas and Easter we kinda only take part in the bits that involve us either stuffing our faces or sharing gifts right? (No offence to religion meant at all) Shrove Tuesday doesn't involve wrapped gifts although you could say delicious, fatty, greedy fillings of ice cream or chocolate or banana wrapped in an eggy parcel are gifts in themself!

Despite the fact that every year we say we going to have pancakes, we haven't done yet so this year I was determined we would break that habit! My mum and her husband came over too and as Patrick had promised to make his current signature dish of lamb rogan josh curry when they next visited, he was head chef for the main meal. Dinner was amazeballs as always and mother and her hub were very impressed...then it was time for the real Shiz to go down.....time to get to the real reason we were altogether that night.... PANCAKES!

Mum and I took to the kitchen and proceeded to make us all two pancakes each (what WERE we thinking? I could have easily eaten twelve!) The table was laden with treats and a nice choice of what to smother the pancakes in and the men waited patiently (well not so much) salivating (Yup) and greeted us with an eager face every time we entered the room only to then frown and tut when they realised we didn't come bearing gifts. The time eventually came though and we chomped, guzzled and hmmmmed our way through the pancakes in a matter of minutes. They were delicious! I had mine with butterscotch syrup....heaven!

It has made me kind of want to make them again at the weekend.... I know it's naughty but feel as this is the first batch of pancakes I have eaten on this day in about seven years I have some catching up to do! Don't you agree? Thought so.... now pass me the eggs!

READY: Table laden with calorific, tooth rotting treats ready for pancakes.

YUM: I love pancakes.

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