Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pucker up! More new lippys...

On Friday I treated myself to two new lippy's as a gift from me to me on payday. I had only been on the hunt for one new shade but fell in love with another in a seperate shop so just HAD to buy that one too..

As I have said before I bloody love lipstick! It adds so much glamour to a look and no matter what the shade, it is an eyecatching piece of make up and transform your whole look. If I suddenly find myself going out (as in, I'm 'out' but now am going 'out out') and don't feel I am wearing suitable attire to warrant where I am going, I find a quick slick of lippy adds just what you need to make you look a bit more 'dressed up'.

The two I bought were completely different brands; the first being a Topshop lipstick in shade 'TEASE' and the second being a Rimmel lipstick from the 'Kate' range by Kate Moss in shade 110.

I must say that as much as love the colour of the Topshop lippy, I was quite disappointed by how quickly it wore off when I wore it Saturday night. I am a serial 're-applier' when it comes to lipstick or gloss or balm, but on this occassion I do feel re-application was most needed. I am hoping that this is because the place I was at on Saturday was very dimly lit and so hopefully made my lippy look like it had faded more than it actually had. I am not too sure though!

The second lippy by Rimmel is a gorgeous red colour. I am so in love! It really is stunning and it lasted a long time when I wore it out Tuesday night. As a serial lipstick re-applier I like to look in the mirror to reapply and be pleasantly surpised by how present my lipstick still is (before putting on more anyway of course) The lipstick feels great on too and I always love how nice and 'fruity' Rimmel lipsticks smell.

All in all I am happy with my purchases and will try out the Topshop one again to make sure it wasn't just the lighting that made me feel it had faded when I wore it on Saturday.... I really am hoping to be proved wrong!


  1. I really want to try the Kate Moss Rimmel lippies. But what colour, ooh. xx

    1. I do love Rimmels lipsticks and this one is gorgeous! There are so many colours to choose from you will be spoilt!! :) xx

  2. Ooooh the purple/pink colour is interesting! Be great with monochrome :)

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  3. I've been waiting for you to do a lipstick post!! I never used to wear it, but I'm using it more and more frequently these days; I just feel it brightens me up in both looks and attitude! I'm a serial re-applier though, so constantly seem to be putting more on! xx


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