Monday, 4 February 2013

The Oversized Vintage Denim Jacket

As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I was desperate to get my hands on a vintage oversized denim jacket in time for when the weather get's a bit warmer. I did write a post about my lust previously on here however, people who follow me will have just had that 'edge' on realising HOW obsessed I was with getting my hands on one.

Before I decided to have a spending ban and not buy myself any little treats, I had found this bad boy on ebay and secured my bid. I set a limit of £40 which I felt was a great price as it is a Levi jacket, it is vintage and in fantastic condition but I won it for £30 so was even more happy! They are becoming really popular again now so if you fancy investing in one for yourself you are looking at paying around £20 - £30 as that is how much the ones I was watching were going for (depending on size and colour of course)

I wore my jacket for the first time yesterday when I went out for lunch but it is definitely not quite jacket weather yet! I really couldn't wait though! I teamed it with one of my favourite casual Topshop dresses which I have also missed and don't want to wait for warmer in order to wear. I usually wear it bare legged with sandals but as it is only February I opted for thick tights and my favourite ankle boots.

The necklace I wore it with is one my Mum gave me. She bought it for herself and then felt it didn't suit her so gave it to me. I love it! I wear it with pretty much every outfit. I wore it to the Essex Bloggers Meet Up event on Saturday and had a couple of comments regarding it.

I am looking forward to teaming this jacket with leggings, a long tee and converse for a much more casual and retro look when Spring starts to set in but for now, it will have to saved for less windy days!

What do you think? Are you liking the oversized denim jacket look?


  1. Love it, and im very very lust at the minute is a pair of crochet shorts. Its imperative that i have them in my life very soon! X

  2. You would rock them! Get ebay searching now!!!!! :)

  3. Love this look! Nope, certainly not jacket weather yet I made that mistake the other day. Brr.
    Matalan have some very similar dresses in at the moment! xx

    1. I still wore my jacket the next day! silly me! I just couldn't help it though... it was looking at me and telling me I had to wear it! roll on the warm weather! xx

  4. You have the midi version of my dress! I literally wear it to death it's so comfy and versatile!
    Your denim jacket looks fab as well, great find :)

    I'm a new blogger.. would love you to check my little blog out if you get a minute :)

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Welcome to the world of blogging and thanks for reading this post!

      I will be sure to check out your blog too

      Good luck!



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