Friday, 8 February 2013

Valentines Day Massacre.

 It's Valentines day next week; that time of year when those who are part of a relationship (namely men) are forced to try and be spontaneous and romantic and the singles are made to feel miserable for not having the basic requiremant to celebrate this day (a partner). I guess that is the cynical summary of this date but then I will freely admit that I am cynical when it comes to Valentines day!
It's not that I am unromantic, I just don't like the fact it has now turned into this big commercial date where people feel they have to go out and buy eachother lots of expensive unecessary presents....especially so soon after Christmas! I also don't feel I need a specific date to show or tell my other half that I love him.
I am an old fashoned kinda girl... as much as it is sweet when my hubby surprises me with flowers or a gift I much prefer hearing him tell me he loves me or him cooking me a nice dinner rather than going all out and buying me tatt that I don't really need. (Not that he buys me tatt but you get my drift).
Love is when someone thoughtlessly and without warning does something out of the blue to make you smile. Remembering your favourite bottle of wine or that there is something on the TV you want to watch even if they don't, putting a blanket over you when you fall asleep on the sofa or making you a coffee if they get up before you in the morning - they are the little things that matter because it is done without pressure or a second thought and shows respect. Don't get me wrong, I am not a complete killjoy - I do love presents! Who doesn't? And I enjoy getting surprise presents for hubby too but as and when I feel like it, not because I am being told to.
When I was single it didn't bother me either although no matter how hard you try you still can't help feeling a bit pathetic when people 'ahhhh' you or ask if you are expecting any secret valentine to make themselves known. I definitely think it is worse being married on Valentines day though.... people don't expect single people to celebrate it but if you are married they look at you like you must be in a miserable relationship by not wanting to celebrate it. Or they assume you are just saying that because really your grumpy husband is a spoilsport and you don't want to admit you secretly long to be taken out 
To all those who do celebrate it I don't think it is wrong, it is just my personal preference. I do realise too that for a lot of people who perhaps have a family and don't go out as much as they used to it is something to look forward to.
For me though, the thursday night will be spent like any other... dinner, TV, bed.... Bliss! I can't miss Corrie after all.....
Will you be celebrating?


  1. that e-card genuinley made me laugh out loud!
    your blog is cute :)
    take a look at mine? i'm new and have no friends on here! haha

    alice xx

    1. Thank you lovely, I will check yours out at some point this week! Good luck :)



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