Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines.... Schmalentines....

So, as you will have previously read, I do not take part in Valentines day. I am not saying that to mask a woman who is actually desperate to be taken out by her husband, be bought a dozen red roses or serranaded on a cliff top,  I am saying that because it is the truth! I love romance but do not agree with all the commercial hype that surrounds this date (I know, booo...hisss).

This morning when I was in a shop I saw a young girl shopping - with her father - who obviously had a crush on someone at school she wanted to buy a little pressie for. She had two pounds to spend and was carefully mulling over her choice of purchases in order not to make a hasty decision. It was so cute! THAT to me is what Valentines day is for.... it is all about the cute secret crush who let's you know someone likes you either by a secret card or a little gift.... not another day in which we are made to feel we need to buy unecessary cards and presents.

When I was at work, my boss asked me what I was making my hubby for dinner because of it being Valentines day and I replied that I hadn't thought about it yet but it would be just a normal dinner, nothing special.... He told me off and ordered me down the butcher quick sharp! I do see his point.... it is nice to take advantage of the date and use it to treat ourselves to a yummy dinner (well even more yummy than my normal dinners that is, because my normal dinners are pretty amazing!) and of course a nice bottle of wine.... Oh no! I am mellowing to the idea of Valentines day! dum dum  DUMMMMMM!!

Not really.....

But I do get excited about making a luxurious, yummy dinner and buying a lovely bottle of wine to share with Patrick so I didn't take much convincing. I bought two venison steaks from the butcher which I served alongside mustard mash, with grilled asparagus and a red wine jus, all washed down with a glass of rioja.


I hope you had a lovely evening too......however you decide to celebrate....

ANY EXCUSE: Our Valetines day dinner.

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