Wednesday, 13 March 2013

High Street Fashion Week: BagzaCharacter

GIFT: Holly Willoughby receiving her own personalised Bagzacharacter tote on ITV1's 'This Morning'

How cute is this Tote bag which was made for 'This Morning' host Holly Willoughby?

Tote bags are now not only used to limit the use of plastic bags, they are becoming a must have shopping accessory Which is great for the environment!

Jackie Tolster created this gorgeous bag for Holly and it is part of her BagzaCharacter range. I had a quick chat with Jackie to find out how she came up with the idea and her story is actually very inspiring. She admitted that everything is still very new to her as she has only been creating these tote bags for just a few months.

'I drew a bag for my niece as she had noted she would like a personalised tote bag,' Jackie explains 'I had been recovering from breast cancer and really had decided I needed to lessen the stress in my life and caricature or cartoon drawing was what I just used to do quite naturally at an early age, through the years I have dabbled in many many crafts, cardmaking, canvas painting, salt dough modelling in fact there isn't very much I haven't tried in the craft world.'

After her neice received her tote bag, it wasn't long before people started taking an interest and Jackie was receiving requests to make more bags.

'I feel as though I have come full circle in my life and am back to the art I love.' She continues. 'And people actually want to pay me money for my work which never fails to astound me, but hey! I'm doing the thing I love and what girl doesn't like a bit of glamour and glitter in their life? I get an absolute thrill knowing people are delighted to be carrying a BagzaCharacter tote bag and the customer feedback is testament to that.'
As well as enquiries for her bags, Jackie has also received requests regarding personalised canvas's, iphone or ipad covers, onsies and even has it in her mind to create a bedroom assecory range with the Betsy-Blossom design.

Betsy-Blossom came along when Jackie decided that as well as her bespoke range of bags, she also wanted to create a generic character who would be the face of BagzaCharacter and can be customised to suit each individual customer with regards to hair colur, skin colour and so fourth.

When it comes to High Street Fashion Week, Jackie appears to be quite overwhelmed: ''Everything has been such a whirl and I feel highly honoured to be asked to be at High Street fashion week as there are many designers doing this kind of Bag, I hope to bring a bit of light relief and sparkle to every girl or woman that receives one of my bags and as I say, I get to play with paint and glitter all day, now that can't be bad.'

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