Friday, 8 March 2013

High Street Fashion Week: Elisha Francis London

I absolutely love jewellery. It is creative, quirky and most importantly of all PRETTY! It can really finish off an outfit and even give it a completely different twist for example; an elegant dress coupled with a thick, chunky necklace and spiky ring to give it an edgier, alternative look. One of my faves!

When I got an email to say Elisha Francis would be at High Street Fashion week I immediately browsed her online collection and fell in love. I have a main weakness for bracelets and rings  - they are my favourite pieces of jewellery to quickly pick up and slip on because your hands and arms are a very important part of your body and everyday life. They are also in constant use and on show so I like mine to be dressed up!

Naturally then, my first stop online was her fabulous bracelet creations and I was not disappointed. The collections are gorgeous! Bright colours are important to me, it is very rare I will wear dark clothes or all black and there is a lot of colour incorporated into the designs. I love skulls too, I have endless amounts of tee's with skull patterns or prints on so I was not surprised to learn that her skull designs are the best sellers.

Elisha Francis London recently sponsored the MOBO's VIP Goody bags and so had the fantastic honour of attending the awards, having a nose around the dressing rooms and meeting some super cool artists including TLC, JLS, Rita Ora and Emelie Sande while dropping off some jewellery for the artists.

Lucky me had the chance to ask her a couple of questions in the run up to High Street Fashion week to see how the preperation is going and learn a little bit more about the range!

1) What was it like attending the MOBO's?
Attending the MOBO's was amazing, it is an event that I've watched growing up so to be able to
be backstage and gift my jewellery to the artist was phenomenal!

2) Who were you most excited about meeting?
I was most excited to meet Chilli and T-Boz from TLC, I am a huge fan and they are huge stars
They both were so sweet when I met them in their dressing room and very complimentary about my jewellery.

3) What has been the inspiration for the 'Fairy Tale Collection' ?
The Fairytale Collection was inspired by the ideal of a 'girl' entering a enchanted world.
It is a more casual collection which I designed to be fun and easy to wear everyday.
The Skull designs have been the most popular and inject a naughty but nice element to the collection.

4) What are you looking forward to about High Street Fashion Week?
I am really excited and looking forward to the whole event, especially the fashion show where I will be unveiling
some new statement pieces to wow the crowds

5) How are you preparing for High Street Fashion Week?
My main concern is the fashion show which is taking place in Aura which is such a glamourous location
Jewellery can often get lost on the runway so the jewellery featured in the show will be bold and beautiful. I love the idea of the model being completely covered by pearls and crystals from head to toe.

6) What do you enjoy most about creating your own jewellery lines?
I most enjoy seeing people wearing my designs it gives me a real buzz every time and makes all the
hard work worth while.

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