Wednesday, 27 March 2013

High Street Fashion Week: Filthy Sexy London

I have completely fallen in love with Filthy Sexy London.

This is a new clothing range that base their designs on our capital city itself providing a collection of looks that are either in your face, tongue in cheek, sweet or just plain gorgeous. Pretty much everything you would associate with us brits! ;)

London is cosmopoliton city with an eclectic bunch of characters and FSL have taken inspiration from the diversity of the city and put it into their fantastic creations.

I absolutely love this look, to me it is very 'cool britannia', very rock n roll. We Brits love wearing slogan or image tee's whether it is in your face or cute and girly. I love the simplicity of the creations whilst admire the sheer thought that has gone behind the design. They would totally complete any outfit whether dressed up or down. To me, simplicity is sometimes the key to a fantastic, striking look as this collection showcases. I can't wait to see them at High Street Fashion Week!

 I caught up with FSL to have a quick chat about the range and their preperation for High Street Fashion Week as it creeps ever nearer!

1) How would you describe the clothes at Filthy Sexy London? 

Our T-shirts are edgy, easy to wear and unique with plenty of attitude. We have something for everyone - pure London attitude shown in our "Let's Get FSL" design, risque and a bit naughty like our "FSL Rebel" T-shirt, "I Won't Be A DJ, I Will Be A Legend" for music lovers, "Do You Take Sugar?" is a sweet design but still has our signature edgy, sexy attitude thrown in and our "Beauty Of A Charmed Life" design is displayed like a postcard for a vintage, nostalgic feel. We are a very diverse brand with many different designs which reflects the diverse nature and different parts of London.

2) What are you looking to most about attending HSFW?

We are very excited to launch our business into the world of fashion and get our brand out there. We are looking forward to networking, meeting new people and introducing them to FSL. Also, we are excited to see the other brands involved!

3) What inspired you to create the Filthy Sexy London range?

We have always been fascinated by London - the fashion, the people and the atmosphere. We wanted to capture the feeling of being in this wonderful city and express it somehow, and, being fashion lovers we decided to do this by creating clothing. We decided on T-shirts because we wanted the words and design to be close to the heart of whoever is wearing it as we created each piece from our hearts.

4) How are you preparing for HSFW?

In preparation for HSFW we are deciding which of our designs to showcase, having a lot of fun choosing looks for our catwalk show which are sure to be different from anything else the audience will see, and thinking of ways to make HSFW a fun, exciting experience for everybody involved!

5) How would you descibe FSL in three words?

Quintessential British Fashion

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  1. Love your blog..
    All are funky t-shirts...
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