Friday, 15 March 2013

High Street Fashion Week: Street Princess

Street Princess is a new and exciting jewellery range founded by London based designer Naheeda. The range brings an amazing assortment of handmade bracelets in a vast range of colours. Also, Street Princess offers a bespoke service so you can design your own individual bracelet to suit you and your style if that's what you prefer.

You can layer the bracelets or wear them indivudually depending on what look you want to go for.

As I have said previously, I love jewellery and love bracelets. These are so girly and fun so caught my eye when I saw the range listed for High Street Fashion Week. I love the designs and the colours, they are so bold! The making of any outfit.

I spoke with Naheeda about the range and High Street Fashion Week.

1) What inspired you to start this particular jewellery line?

I always wanted my own jewellery brand so I thought I'd start small and out of necklaces and bracelets I chose to make bracelets just because I wear them more. The possibilities are endless and I'm always trying to think of new ideas. Eventually I will add necklaces and earrings to the collection.

2) How are you preparing for High Street Fashion Week?

I'm still deciding on how I want my display to look. I want it to look approachable and not too cluttered. As for the jewellery, I'm making lots of new bracelets to launch at the event. I will also do a giveaway leading up to the event for those attending so the winner can collect their prize on the day.

3) What is a favourite jewellery piece from your line?

The Riley Rose bracelets are a favourite because they are the first pieces I designed for the collection and I think I will keep them as a classic for my brand. They look great stacked together and they come in 8 fun colours!

4) What are you looking forward to the most at High Street Fashion Week?

Meeting other exhibiting brands and designers but most of all getting to meet potential customers! I get to speak to my customers via Twitter but it's much better in person.

Website: | TWITTER: @StreetPrincesss
Website: | TWITTER: @HighStreetFW
TWITTER: @NickiKinickie

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