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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

My bad habits are coming back to BITE ME.

I am a woman posessed.

Posessed by the ability to form annoying health affecting habits within hours that then take weeks or more to break. I don't know what it is with me, I seem to have to always be doing something or moving or fiddling with something, I can't just keep still and so over the years have found ways to occupy my consistant need to move much to the stress and annoyance of others or myself.

The habits I am talking about are those annoying, quirky ones; those habits that are now second nature you don't even realise you are doing them. Prime example: The leg bob. Your legs are crossed and you are waiting somewhere, maybe at the doctors for your appointment or maybe for a train? You don't really have anything to do to distract you so your leg that is crossed over the top of other is bobbing up and down. Slowly at first and then faster the more anxious or bored you become. Anyone else do this? It drives my husband nutty! I even sometimes do it at the dinner table if we are at a family members and have been sitting there a while. I don't even realise until I feel a hand strongly slam down on my thigh, his way of saying 'STOP THAT NOW!!'

What else? Um.... Where do I start? I bit my nails for years as a child and eventually broke the habit in my late teens after months of trying to resist the urge to chomp at them when they snagged or broke and they are STILL recovering now ten years on! The 'pink' of the nail is a lot higher up my finger and the white is a lot stronger but they are still thin, flaky and break easy. If nails weren't enough I have gone through phases where I have chewed the skin on my thumb. It all starts with a stray painful slither of skin that needs to come off near the nail and then thats it, before I know it I am mauling at it like a beast that hasn't been fed for three days. Sore indeed! Luckily I haven't done that in a very long time now *eyes up thumb*. I still regularly do it to the dry skin on my lips though. If I haven't buffed them for a while I end up chewing the dead skin off which tends to result in them becoming sore. Gorgeous!

Scab picker, spot squeezer - you name it! I am it. I have even gone through a stage of chewing my hair. Why? I really don't know - it is gross, but I did it! I think it started as a novelty because my hair grew long enough to be chewed and it went from there.

My worst habit of all time though is now causing me a lot of pain and is something I seriously need to sort out and that is my teeth grinding habit. I do it so much so it is part of my every day life and I don't realise I am doing it. When I am concentrating, stressed, upset, asleep. You name it I do it and it is getting worse and worse. I now have such severe pain on my right side of my mouth I can't chew my food there anymore and soemtimes I wake up with what can only be described as feeling like a locked jaw. The pain runs fromt the bottom of my jaw right into my ear  - and that is as soon as I wake up!

Now I know my first purchase on payday will be a trip to the dentist and it is going to be painful! I haven't been for a little while (ahem, six years) So guess I am a tad overdue! Now I am dreading it even more because I have never had probelms with my teeth so don't quite know what to expect. I know I sound like a wuss, I know I am being a wuss - I will get over it very quickly, probably around about the time I go to take a bite out of my lunch and completely forget I can't chew on that side of my chops.


NB - While finishing off this post I realised I was doing the 'Leg Bob's' cousin - 'Crossed leg, under the chair ankle shake'.

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  1. Ohhh I have some terrible habits I need to break. Including biting my nails, bobbing my leg, terrible fidgeting... list goes on. I also grind my teeth, but only in my sleep- the other week it was so bad that I actually woke myself up!!!! x


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