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Sunday, 3 March 2013

My week.

This week has felt like it has been crazy busy which I am cetainly not used to...

These days being one half of an old married couple my weeknights are either spent on the sofa watching Corrie or if I am busy with something it is usually washing. That is as glamourous as it gets folks!

This week though, I had something going on every night  - even if it was just a little something. Monday was my little cousins 16th birthday so I popped in after work to give her a card and pressie and stayed for a couple of hours before rushing home to make dinner. Patrick went to West Ham to watch the game and because I hadn't got any housework done over the weekend, I took advantage of his absence and CLEANED. I cleaned the place until mindnight! By the time he had got in and we went to bed etc. etc. it was goodness knows o'clock.

Tuesday I went to the Big Reunion concert with my friend (which I am going to blog about) it was a brilliant night but because we couldn't get a train from Fenchurch Street our journey home was a bit longer than we had anticipated so I got in about 12.30 and again by the time I had taken off make up, got into bed etc. it was way passed this girls bedtime!

Wednesday evening was a last minute trip round to mums for dinner because she was going away for a week Thursday morning (which I didn't know about) and as I hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks she said she would really like to catch up before she went. I was meant to be going to a make up party but knew in the end I couldn't split my evening between the two so had to beg my friend for forgiveness at letting her down at the eleventh hour by cancelling. It is a good thing I have wonderful friends and was good for my bank balance that I did cancel.....

Thursday we had no plans but hubby decided he wanted to try a pub up the road for dinner because we literally hadn't seen eachother all week and he wanted some 'us' time so that's what we had. It was lovely as we haven't been out to dinner together for a long time and it was nice to have not had to cook! I think I would have fallen asleep on the hob I was that tired.... We were in bed at 9.30 that night! So rock n roll are we.....

Friday I went to my great aunt and uncles for a long overdue catch up where I enjoyed some scrummy home made welsh cakes hot out of the oven for St. Davids day (I am of welsh origin yes). A few hours later I was home rustling up some dinner and settling down in front of the telly with a much needed bottle of Rioja.

We had been looking forward to a weekend of no plans but something went wrong on the car which Patrick had to get the part for then fix and last minute we went to see our friends who had their first baby this week (a little boy called Noah - he is SO gorgeous!) That of course was not a hardship.

Sunday though was most definitely a chill out day. Housework had all been done Saturday so we had a lazy morning followed by a stroll around the village and the nature reserve in the afternoon before Patrick settled down to watch the football and I settled down to write!

The sky is so blue today is is beautiful and while we were out it definitely felt like Spring is on it's way!

Let's hope it is!

Hope everyone had a lovely week and weekend and are fully recharged for the week ahead!

FRIENDS: Jo and me at the Hammersmith Apollo Tuesday night for the Big Reunion concert.

DATE NIGHT: Hubby and me enjoyed dinner out on Thursday.

DRINKS: Date night dinner was washed down with some much needed alcohol!

CURRY: I made a well deserved dinner for my hubby and cousin for fixing the car Saturday afternoon.

CUDDLES: Saturday night I met the gorgeous Noah Bracken and toasted his arrival with his parents.

LAZY: On Sunday the biggest activity we stretched to was an afternoon stroll.


  1. I LOVE homemade curry, and yours looks seriously delicious! I love welsh cakes too- I missed my opportunity though, I just didn't get around to making them (and now I feel like a very bad half-welsh person!) x

    1. I am annoyed I forgot to add the pic of the welsh cakes.... Too busy rushing!! :) tbh I wouldnt have had them I not been going to my aunts so I would have been a bad part welsh person too!! Haha :)

      P.s. The curry was yummy! There are some curry recipes on my food blog if u fancy a nose (shameless plug...!!)



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