Saturday, 23 March 2013

My attempt to smile through the snow...

Let's face it, it is nearly April for goodness sake and I don't know about you but I am fed up with this miserable weather. British Summertime officially starts in a week I believe yet I still feel like I should still be making Christmas lists.... Where is the sunshine?

Yesterday I sighed as I opened my wardrobe to get ready for work. I don't want to wear thick jumpers, scarves and boots anymore - I want to wear dresses, vest tops, pumps and flip flops.


Because it is so depressing, I thought I would write a post with a different approach to try and see the positive points out of this forever winter weather...

1) Cuddles

 When it is hot and sticky outside the last thing you want to do is wrap yourself around your other half whether it is on the sofa or in bed. In fact you don't appreciate your own space more than when it is boiling hot. So, while it is still freezing outside we can take advantage by putting on a great film and cuddling up with the person we love for a cosy night in. Throw in a duvet and hot chocolate and I would never go out again...

2) You can put that diet on hold for a bit longer

We know what it's like, our weather is so unpredictable it could be snowing one week and then a heatwave the next and there is nothing more scary than knowing you have the opportunity to wear clothing a bit skimpier than knowing you haven't had your post winter detox! But while we know the weather is going to be like this for the forseeable, you can still say yes to that stodgy home cooked dinner or dessert. Yum!

3) Putting off running 

Is this just me? Oh ok then.... Sorry but if it is snowing I am NOT putting my running shoes on. Instead I am going to switch off the alarm and turn over and go back to sleep.

4) Saving up

While the weather continues to be like this, it makes you tend to stay in more even though the nights are staying lighter longer. If you are cold and wet, once you have shut the front door behind you you are unlikely to want to go back out. That means more time to save your pennies up for the better weather. You can save for those days out in the sun or a whole new summer wardrobe and have fun planning it all from the warmth of your sofa while it snows.

5) Laziness can be covered up by weather concerns

I confess, as much as I love walking I love being lazy too and if I realise I have forgotten to get something while I was out in the day or suddenly run out of something I hadn't accounted for (usually half way through cooking) I hate then feeling bad for driving a really quick journey to get what I need when really I should have walked. However, with this miserable weather there are no worries, I can jump in the car and use the drizzle as an excuse! Hurrah!

Happy Snowy weekend every one :)

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