Wednesday, 27 March 2013

The BIG Reunion Concert, Hammersmith Apollo.


 For anyone who doesn't know what the 'The Big Reunion' on ITV2 is all about, it is a documentary that put back together pop acts of yesteryear, told us of what success was like for them, why they parted ways and saw them reunite once more for a concert which is aired on TV tomorrow night. The show has been such a huge success from the start though that there is now an arena tour taking place.
A friend and myself were very lucky to be one of the clever buggers who managed to get their hands on tickets for the one off gig at Hammersmith Apollo as they sold out within TEN MINUTES of the first ITV2 show finishing - that is stealth ticket buying right there!
I could NOT believe how lucky we were.... I really wanted to go as I never got to see any of the acts perfom the first time around when I was a teenager.

The night did not disappoint!
For those couple of hours I went from being a respectable married woman to a screaming 14 year old. It was brilliant! All of the acts were up to scratch too. You could be forgiven for thinking they may be a bit rusty in their dance routines but no way, not at all. They were all amazing and performed superbly.
The acts I was looking forward to seeing the most were 5ive and 911. They are just my my youth personified! Both acts were great to watch and hearing them belt out their old hits made me feel like I was back in my bedroom listening to a CD and dreaming over their images in Sugar or Smash Hits magazine (Remember them?!).
I loved the Honeyz back in the day too. For some reason their songs remind me of being in school so I am guessing I either had a big discussion about them once in a lesson rather than doing the work I was meant to be doing or used to listen to them on a walkman whilst waiting for me tutor first thing to do the register (or both). They too were great live!

B*witched remind me of watching endless hours of music TV at my friends house because my mum wouldn't let us have Sky or cable so I didn't have access to those channels. I can remember seeing the music video hundreds of times, over and over when it came out. I still have to do the irish jig to it every time!
All in all  the evening whizzed by in a europhic mix of nostalgia and laughs. Sometimes there is no better feeling than that of a song which takes you back to your youth so you can imagine what the whole night felt like.

Highlights of the night for me in particular were:
A surprise appearance by Blue - YELP!
The best banner EVER by Ms Janine Lee of Liverpool which read: 'We have boobs now!' and was held up everytime 911 came on (a pic of which was retweeted by Lee Brennan the next day)
Andi Peters being the host - 90's kids TV legend!
Discussing the concert with strangers on the train after, all the way home.
On the journey home, we came up with a whole new list of acts that should reunite for the next series (I hope there is another series!) Imagine if Another Level reformed? And Let Loose? Cleopatra? It would be brilliant!

Even though these days I much prefer indie as my genre of music and listen to Xfm not Capital FM, there is still that teenage 90's popstress inside me who longs to bust out some grooves to the cheesy pop anthems of youth.

I do hope you will all be tuning in to watch the concert. I will be grooving along in my living room much to the delight of my hubby.....

The Big Reunion, ITV2, Thursday 9pm.

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  1. Haha, looks awesome! I loved all of those bands and was the only one of my friends allowed Sugar magazine! (check me out... haha)

    Glad you had a great time

    Lyndsay ♡
    Fizzy Peaches

    1. I loved sugar magazine! :)

      It was good fun and was great watching it on TV again...


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