Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Topshop LUSTS!

Despite the fact I am budgeting my money, for some reason I still tease myself by looking online and discovering gorgeous items of clothing I immediately want to buy. In a way I am a little bit thankful the weather is still dreary as it gives me the chance to save up in order to go on a little shopping binge!

Whilst having a look at Topshop's (aka THE MOTHERSHIP) website yesterday, I found three items I wanted more than Johnny Depp on toast (well maybe not THAT much) within about three minutes of browsing.....a personal record.

So, I thought I would share them with you as a bit of therapy and to share my pain of wanting what I can't have.


PANTHA PRINT BRALET £32: Perfect for summer with Chino's and flip flops, or high waisted jeans and heels.

GREEN BRANCH TEA DRESS £46: I am a sucker for a tea dress and love the colour of this one. This would live in my wardrobe forever!

ELECTRIC BLUE GWENDA COURTS £58: Perfect worn as the model shows or with a dress. LOVE THE COLOUR!


  1. That bralet is gorgeous! I really want some for the summer, the print on this one is beautiful :)

    I have written my first ever DIY post if you want a look!


  2. I'm a little obsessed with the bralet. It's so incredibly 90's. It needs to be on a Fly Girl. I immediately went to it being paired with parachute pants, but I think you're suggestions are SO much better! : )

    Little Red Umbrellas


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