Monday, 4 March 2013

Well needed detox!

Morning All! Monday is here once again already but how nice is it getting up and seeing it is already light outside? Eeeek! Spring is on it's way! Today is meant to be quite mild as well which should help us ease into another working week a bit easier....well hopefully!

For me, I am starting a VERY well needed detox. I don't know what has been wrong with me lately but I just have not been eating properly or healthily so for the next two weeks I am having a major health kick to get my body back fighting fit! Lots of green veg, good fats and protein starting with my breakfast this morning which was scrambled egg and spinach - nice energy boosting start to the day!

Hope everyone has a lovely day....


  1. I so so so need to have a bit of a detox read my mind!

    1. I think u get to a point where u think - enough!! And dont want to eat bad food anymore! I feel better already :) xx

  2. I'm also feeling the need for a detox! Not today though... maybe tomorrow hahah!! I was so pleased with the fact that it was light when I got out of the shower at 6:45 this morning!! x


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