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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

10 things I can't live without.

Having been without my phone for TWO DAYS now while it is being either repaired or replaced has made me come to realise how much we depend on certain things in life - certain luxuries in fact. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be so far, it has actually been quite theraputic! Today is definitely the first day of realising how much I depend on it and feel I am ready for my little break from the world of telephonic communication to finish.

First thing this morning before work I was stuck in traffic and desperately late meeting my husband who had arranged an MOT for our car and had absolutely no way of letting him know where I was. Once into work (and luckily having still been able to drop the car off) two of my colleagues had said they had text me because of a mini crisis which I had obviously not received and finally, with it being Wednesday and getting close to the weekend, I want to finalise plans for my friends birthday on Friday with my OTHER friend I am arranging it with!
I was advised by my phone company that you usually have it back within four days of sending it so am really hoping that I get it back soon (like today).
It is definitely being able to contact people easily that I miss the most, I can live without Twitter and whatever else for a few days and not actually miss it (I guess because I know it isn't forever) although I miss having the interent at my fingertips for googling the most random stuff which I do do a lot! While watching TV yesterday, there were a few times I went to look for my phone in order to google an actors name and find out what else I had seen them in.
Because of this I got to thinking about how lucky we are to have essentials we could not imagine life without but are actually luxuries. I realised that - for me  - there were quite a few!
1) MAKE UP - I love having the odd day without make up to give my skin a break but all in all I could not live without my trusty MAC foundation and my collection of lippys. No no, I don't want to imagine it! I would never go on a night out again! I think hair products will have to come under umbrella too....
2) EYE LASH EXTENSIONS - Those who know me or even just read this blog regularly will know I have been having individual eyelash extensions for a couple of years now and I love them. I could not be without them! What's more, I couldn't go anywhere else but my talented lash lady Vicky and have already warned her that should she move far away, I will follow!!
3) MY IPOD - I love music of all kinds and my ipod is full of the most random tunes ever but that's why I love it. It is full of all of MY music. It get's me through the housework and long journeys or even just night's when football is on the telly and I just want to relax. I once genuinely thought I had lost it and was devastated; I had been to a tyre garage that day and even phoned to see if someone had found it but they hadn't. I was gutted! It was only the next day when I pulled some washing out of the wash bin to go into the machine that I saw it had in fact just got tangled up deep in the load. Hooray! I was so happy.
4) MY VACUUM CLEANER - This probably seems a bit odd and also seems more like a household necessity rather than luxury but because it is a Dyson Digital Slim I see it as being a little bit luxurious mainly because it makes hoovering so much easier and even - dare I say it - enjoyable! There is no lugging it around or upstairs and it easily lifts up for getting rid of cobwebs in the corners and comes with different attachments for all your different needs. It's fab!
5) MY CONTACT LENSES - This should be the first one on this list really! Without these babies I wouldn't be able to see anything! Again, it probably seems like a necessity seeing as I am literally blind as a bat without them but I could have no other choice but to wear glasses and as much as I like glasses, I can't get on with wearing them all the time so I am greatful to live in a day and age where soft lenses are invented and readily available.
6) MY DISHWASHER - In the flat we didn't have a dishwasher so it was quite a novelty first having this in the house and being able to put most of what you had used to prepare and eat dinner, into a machine that would clean it for you! Now I couldn't live without it. I still wash up the bits that either don't fit in the dishwasher or whatever is left over when the dishwasher is full up but it makes a hell of a difference to walking into the kitchen after dinner to find 3 pans, two dishes, four serving bowls, umpteen utensils and god knows what else waiting for you in the sink to be washed up.
7) MY CAR -  I hate public transport and the day I passed my driving test I cried I was that happy. I could not imagine my life without a car or without being able to go wherever I wanted my own way and in my own time. I am lucky that despite ridiculous petrol prices we don't struggle too much with filling up the car and are able to drive to wherever we please.
8) MY LAPTOP - I love my laptop, it is my life1 It is obviously where I blog and keep photo's it is also where I download music, shop online and keep files etc. just like my phone, my life is on it! It is super quick and I love it. I am looking to get an Apple mac in a couple of months when I am a bit more sorted money wise because it would suit my creative needs a lot better and will be even more grateful when I own one of those bad boys.
9) SKY TV - On those days where you just want to chill out having had a busy week or perhaps are feeling a bit fragile because of a hangover, there is nothing better than sitting on the sofa in your comfiest clothes, remote in hand and finding some great films to watch or a marathon of one of your favourite sitcoms or dramas tucked away on some channel you haven't watched in ages. When we have people over either just for a drink and catch up or for dinner, sometimes if I haven't updated my Ipod in a while I just put a music channel on and voila! background music is sorted. We didn't have Sky growing up as my Mum couldn't afford it so it really is a novelty for me to have it, even on days dominated purely by the sports channels.
10) GHD's - My most valued hair possession! They straighten my hair, they curl my hair or they just finish it off if it has dried naturally and looks ok but just needs 'tweaking', they are the best straighteners I have ever owned (and I have owned a few pairs in the past!) and I could not be without them ever. If I were stuck on a dessert island somewhere it would have to have a plug socket!

(At this point I would also like to point out that I am of course thankful for my health as I couldn't live without that either!)
What luxury items could you not live without?

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