Monday, 1 April 2013

Canvas Queen

I am on a role with designing canvas's and really enjoying it! I am enjoying finding new quotes whether they are inspiring or funny and finding new ways of making them eye catching and unique. I am lucky too that quite a few people I have shared my pictures of them with have asked me to make them one as well so it would seem other's are enjoying my work just as much as I am.

Here are a couple of the latest creations I have made. The top is a gift for our very good friends who recently had their first baby and the second was a little gift from me to me which I have hung up in the bedroom. I like how bold the first one looks and love the 'sketch' affect I have given the second. I wanted it to look a bit 'amature' a bit more simple. Hopefully though it doesn't look too ammature to the point of looking crap!

I love Marilyn Monroe, I have read so many books about her and as well as loving her iconic beauty and image I love reading about the woman - Norma Jeane - behind the starlet image. Because of this, I have a couple of photo's up of her on my side of the bedroom so this canvas fit's in nicely with those.


  1. These are really lovely and look really cool. Love that quote in the first one too, what a great present! x

    1. Thank you :) Am really enjoying making them... you just never always know if they are actually good enough to go on someone's wall!!


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