Friday, 12 April 2013

High Street Fashion Week: Alexandra Macheachern - Catwalk Model!

You may remember me mentioning that High Street Fashion Week were looking for real women to model the designers creations on the Sunday nights catwalk at Aura in Mayfair.

One lovely lady who is also a fellow blogger decided to go for it and entered after reading my post and was lucky enough to be selected!

Meet Alex Maceachern, 19 years old from Cheltenham. She has an amazing eye for fashion and writes a wonderful blog - -  where she shares her outfit ideas, thoughts and beautiful photo's. I was so pleased to hear she was taking part, I always love our little twitter chats and her blog posts! When I found out her fabulous news I swooped in with a quick Q and A to see how she is feeling about now being part of the show!

1) What made you decide to enter the catwalk competition for HSFW?
After seeing your post about it, I was really interested so thought I'd give it a go as you never know what might happen if you don't try. As my email was playing up at the time, I tried sending a picture of myself but it wouldn't send! I kept trying but it just wouldn't work. Turns out it had (and I'd actually sent it about 10 times!) so it was a lovely surprise when they said I was through to the next stage!

2) Were you nervous?
 I wasn't at all when sending the email as I didn't even think it had worked. I still wasn't when they sent the next email saying i was through to the next round as I didn't think I'd actually get anywhere! But I am extremely nervous now I know I'm actually doing it. Also very excited though!

3) When and how did you find out you had been picked?
After a few email exchanges asking about sizing, etc, they then emailed informing me I had been successful. I got another email a few days later asking to be in another show, but unfortunately I can't make that one.

4) How did you feel when you found out?
I was so happy! As I said, I didn't even think my entry had been counted so to go from that to being selected was so exciting!

5) Do you know details of the catwalk schedule yet at all?
Yeah, we all have our hair and make up done a few hours before and then the show commences at 8pm. I'm modelling for designer Tamara Joseph and her collection 'Catalyst' which I'm really excited about.

6) What are you looking forward to most about being on the catwalk for HSFW?
As I've never been a catwalk model before, I don't really know what to expect so I'm just looking forward to experiencing the whole thing. Although, I am a little more excited about having my hair and make up done by some truly amazing artists!

WEBSITE: | TWITTER: @AlexMacheachern
TWITTER: @NickiKinickie | TWITTER: @AuraMayfair

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