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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

High Street Fashion Week: Leren Connor

I think the reason I love clothes so much and love buying new outfits or creating new looks is because as I am artistic at heart  I just love how clothes can be a way of expressing who you are and what you might be like as a person. Whether you are goth or punk, preppy or TOWIE inspired, how we dress says a lot about who we are.

I would never say I have a specific 'look' really, I don't like to label myself for a start and I also go through stages of wearing different styles depending on my mood or the weather, even my weight. If I am very busy and find myself rushing around a lot or find there isn't enough hours in the day, my look tends to be very casual -  'scruffy chic' I like to call it! If I am off out somewhere then I love putting on a slick of lippy and a nice dress and keeping it casual with pumps or flat boots. Then when I am going 'OUT out' I love to get glam, wear something stunning and put on a pair of high heels. I personally think it is important to have different looks for the different person you are at different times of the day.

After all, you are not the same person in the office that you are on the dance floor!

One thing I particularly like about clothing and fashion though is something a bit different or edgy. Something a bit eye catching.

Last week when I recieved information on the latest brands to be showcased at High Street Fashion Week this month one collection that caught my eye immediately was that of Leren Connor. Her creations totally sum up my view on fashion and clothing; she is creative and eclectic and a little bit edgy however there is still a girly element to her look's which to me is also key. No matter how diverse I sometimes like to go with an outfit I always like to look feminine.

Looking a bit behind the scenes, I was stunned to learn that Leren was still a third year fashion student when she braved it and went self employed in 2012, a big BIG step but it was most certainly the right one as she hasn't looked back since. Her creations have gained her a loyal following on both Facebook and Twitter and is in the process of launching her own website.

One key thing about Leren's creations is that she also make's one off pieces which I always love. There is nothing better than buying a stunning item of clothing and knowing that you are the only one that owns that particular garment.

Leren recently launched her new collection 'Street Credibility' which will be on sale at High Street Fashion Week. I caught up with Leren to talk about the collection and her preperation plans.

1) What inspired you to start your own clothes line?
I did a year placement on a textile label where I learned basic sewing and accessory making, this helped me decide on what I wanted for the future and creating my own designs and Jewellery was what I decided I wanted to do. Whilst on placement for the year I was also attending university which helped me a lot in skills and knowledge and last year I went self employed and my Label was born.

2) What are you looking forward to most about attending HSFW?
 At HSFW I'm looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully potential contacts as well as also getting my work out there to a wider audience.

3) How do you find inspiration for your designs?
I always find that life in itself inspires me, I take inspiration from anything that I enjoy or love.

4) How are you preparing for HSFW?
Preparations are going good, I'm currently sketching new designs doing a lot of pattern cutting and sourcing new materials to make both accessories and clothing. I've done a lot more trend research to stay on point with what the industry are looking for.

5) How would you describe your range in three words?
 Quirky, Eclectic and Diverse.

Leren will be showcasing her brand both on the catwalk and participating in the daytime pop up boutique at HSFW on 28th April.

WEBSITE: www.highstreertfashionweek.co.uk | TWITTER: @HighStreetFW
TWITTER: @NickiKinickie | INSTAGRAM: @NickiKinickie

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