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High Street Fashion Week: Lillies of the Alley

This is my final 'pre event' Q & A post for High Street Fashion Week because FINALLY this Sunday I will be attending! One range I am extremely excited to see is Lillies of the Alley or LOTA as it is mainly referred to. I have built up quite a serious wishlist for this collection! The clothes are funky, fun and full of attitude. They are bright, unique and even in a season full of T-shirt designs and trends, the LOTA range stands out. I was so happy I got the chance to ask Nat - the talented lady behind LOTA - a few questions and even happier to meet her at the Press Penthouse event on Monday night. She is lovely and so down to earth and above all very modest as to just how great her clothes are and how talented she is!

Nathalie McDonnell started the range around four years ago first off by simply making T-shirts for herself so she was wearing something that nobody else was. Her unique designs caught the eye of a Topshop buyer and Nathalie was asked to showcase five of her design pieces under the Lollipop boutique name at Topshop, Oxford Circus. That was just the start! Since then her collections have also featured in GQ, HUBYO and her range also has boutiques on both ASOS Marketplace and Runway Republic. The range of course also has it's own website too.

If that wasn't enough, one of Nathalie's biggest 'pinch me' moments came when the queen of rock n roll herself; Debbie Harry (front woman of Blondie) wore a hoody she had made specially for her.

''Seeing my idol in one of my own designs was amazing and definitely a small
taste of success.." she says.

Here is what else Nat had to say about 'Lillies of the alley'.... 

1 - Tell me a bit about Lillies of the Alley, how it came about etc.
Lillies Of The Alley came about quite naturally really. I loved design and creating
things and after my degree and a stint in advertising I spent some time in New
York and was really inspired to create something. When I came back to London I
began experimenting with ideas, creating tees for friends and it has grown from
there…Lillies Of The Alley was born!

2 - How have you prepared for HSFW?
We have been designing and creating some new pieces with HSFW in mind
Apart from that just getting everything ready for the madness!

3 - How would you describe your Lota range?
I think our LOTA range is eclectic. We have our inspirations but our collections
are also inspired but our current obsessions! Our range is current but with a
twist, we like go our own way in that sense and put our lil twist on things.

4 - What are you looking forward to most about HSFW?
Be great to meet everyone! Just to see what everyone’s up to and I’m sure the
fashion show will be cool.

5 - What are your plans over the next year with regards to Lillies of the Alley?
Over the next year we are just looking forward to putting out more collections
and expanding as a brand. We are growing day by day and we are just inspired to
make some exciting pieces… The best is yet to come! ;)

6 - How did it feel being approached about your clothes by brands such as Asos and Topshop?
It was extremely exciting and flattering to be approached by Asos and Topshop.
As a designer it’s always rewarding to be able to get our collections out there.
Being in Topshop was amazing, as a fan we had even more of an excuse to hang
out there and we also learnt a lot through the process of it all. Asos rocks, its an
awesome platform and we love it!

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